The hidden part of your kitchen sink we bet you're forgetting to clean

We can't unsee it...

Kitchen sink under window
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Let's face it. When it comes to cleaning a stainless steel sink, the worst part has got to be tackling the plughole. Thanks to a TikTok video, we're been made aware of a grimy hidden part of our kitchen sinks, and we can't unsee it.

Sure, you can clean the sink regularly using the best cleaning products or even opt to find ways to clean using denture tablets, but if you're after a real kitchen deep clean then it pays to go all the way.

The TikToker shared a video of themselves using a pair of scissors to unscrew the plughole in their kitchen sink, before prising out the metal cover. Underneath, there's loads of grime that's clearly been lurking there for a while. We tried the cleaning hack out to check that they weren't having us on, and we made an alarming discovery.

Kitchen sink under window

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The hidden part of the sink you're forgetting to clean

In the TikTok video, they begin by loosening the screw with a pair of scissors before prying off the top. When we tried it out for ourselves, we just used the end of a spoon (it was perhaps a safer option too). To no surprise, it was an unpleasant sight. This is definitely one to add to the list of the most commonly missed areas of the kitchen you're forgetting to clean.

Unscrewing the top of a plughole to reveal hidden grime

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As we had just cleaned the drain using baking soda and vinegar prior to prying it open, the smell wasn't too bad so we just went in with washing-up liquid and scrubbed it all away. However, if yours needs a bit more work then we recommend you go for tougher cleaning methods.

At first, we went in with a small handheld brush but then swapped it out for our Mrs Hinch-approved cleaning tool, the SonicScrubber. Once we'd finished scrubbing away the grime, we washed it off with running water and screwed the top back on.

Cleaning kitchen sink plughole with SonicScrubber electric brush

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If you try the hack at home, our top tip is to make sure you screw the sink cover back on tightly! When you unscrew the drain, you're actually breaking the seal, so be sure to exercise caution when cleaning as you may be at risk of causing a leak under your sink.

Some people who've tried out this method have recommended placing a bucket underneath your sink before unscrewing the plug.

Cleaning hidden part of kitchen sink plughole

(Image credit: Future / Heather Young)

As we said, some things you just can't unsee. It's safe to say that we'll definitely be keeping on top of our kitchen cleaning schedules.

Will you be giving this one a go when you do some spring cleaning this year?

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