These are the five non-negotiable cleaning tasks to do each day according to a cleaning pro

The tasks that really shouldn't wait until tomorrow

An Australian professional cleaning company has taken to Tik Tok and Instagram to share their five 'non-negotiable daily cleaning tasks'.

Professional cleaner, Kacie Stephens, has so many tricks up her rubber gloves; from keeping vacuum cleaners themselves clean to making rust stains vanish in a flash. It's safe to say this lady knows her stuff when it comes to fast and effective housework.

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Kacie, who owns The Big Clean Co. in Melbourne,  knows how to clean a house from top to bottom. Her company cleans over twenty houses (pre-lock down) per day, five days per week!

Luckily for us, Kacie is also a dab hand at social media and has built up a worldwide following of approximately 5,000 Tik Tok followers and 53 thousand Instagram fans by publishing punchy 'clean-fluencing' reels and posts that really work.


Recently Kacie shared an online video via @thebigcleanco that begins 'I'm a professional cleaner and these are my 5 non-negotiable daily cleaning tasks'. If you're looking to save time on household chores, these are the task you shouldn't be scrimping on.

5 non-negotiable daily cleaning tasks

With these jobs done and dusted every day, other housework should be easier to keep on top of.

1. 'Make your bed'

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Lots of people agree with this mantra. It's believed a freshly made bed starts you off on the right track each day. Ex-Navy Seal William H. McRaven has written a whole book called 'MAKE YOUR BED" on the mental health benefits of this ritual. It's a New York Times No.1 Best Seller!

2. 'Give high traffic areas a quick vac or mop'

Vacuuming is the most effective way to keep your carpet clean and with so many lightweight and cordless versions on the market it couldn't be easier to whip it out daily. Especially, if you have a large family and pets.

The same goes when mopping hard floors: spray mops, flat mops or a good old mop and bucket. There is so much choice to make laminates, wood or tiles clean and dirt-free. Or, upgrade your mop with the best steam cleaner for the ultimate in bacteria busting.

3. 'Pick clothes up off the floor - even if it's just to throw them into a basket'

This task is vital; clothes left all over the floor, we feel, is harbouring on 'slob territory'. Make it easy for everyone in the family to keep on top of their own by providing each person with a laundry basket of their own to keep floors clutter-free.

4. 'Never take today's dishes into tomorrow'

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We love this phrase. It makes perfect sense - no one wants to wake up in a full kitchen sink each morning.

5. 'Clean your countertop after every meal'

This is basic hygiene practice. It's virtually impossible not to leave food residue or crumbs about when you prepare a meal so cleaning kitchen work-tops when cleaning up will certainly keep bacteria at bay. Try using one the best cleaning products like Method Multi-purpose cleaner available on Amazon to get the job done quickly.

Kacie is so clued up when it comes to cleaning she also sells her own 'one for all' concentrated detergent that's pH neutral and sold in 100% bottles. FOR ALL Australia is available to buy in Australia.

We hope the cleaning product goes worldwide soon - we'd love to try it!


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