Wall art ideas – 10 of the best

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When it comes to making a place feel like home, there’s no easier way to express your personality than with a little decoration on the walls.

Choose your favourite pictures and go for contemporary white frames, or mix different types of wall art all centered around a theme, such as floral or heart designs for example. Combine a modern framed print with pieces displayed in white box frames, such as family photos, hand-crafted hearts or butterflies, or treasured mementoes.

Add another dimension to your display by attaching wooden battens to the wall and painting them to match the wall colour and use these panels to attach your artwork to the walls.

Beautiful typography is another theme that looks great in modern and vintage-style interiors – and one that you could base your wall art display around.

Link your wall art to the room that its displayed in, too, so in the kitchen or garden room you can get creative and frame attractive seed packets and pop them in inexpensive frames, painted in a vibrant colour.

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