Aldi's elegant three-piece vase set looks like H&M Home but costs less than £5

The budget retailer takes on H&M Home’s chic mini vases, recreating them for less than half the price

Aldi Kirkton House Textured Vase Set
(Image credit: Aldi)

When it comes to decorative items, there’s often not a lot of budget set aside for them. So it helps when you can bag a bargain that looks as elegant and high-end as Aldi’s three-piece vase set for as little as £4.99 – especially as it’s an almost identical dupe for H&M Home’s mini vase set of three that’s more than double the price.

Quiet luxury is a home decor trend that’s still going strong, showing no signs of stopping over a year later since it first came onto the scene. And the Kirkton House Textured Vase Set from Aldi dropping in stores on Thursday 27th June is the perfect way to incorporate the quiet luxury look into your home without an accompanying high price tag.

Aldi vase set

We’ve been loving lots of H&M Home’s home accessories as of late, from the viral striped H&M tablecloth to the brand’s lemon-shaped tableware that screams Amalficore. And honestly, £12.99 is not bad at all for a set of three mini stoneware vases from H&M Home. But, of course, if we can pay less than half the price, we always will. If we can find the set in one if Aldi’s physical stores come Thursday that is – as with most of Aldi’s products, this one is not available online either.

We can always rely on Aldi and its great, dupe-worthy designs at affordable price points, whether it’s Aldi’s £40 bladeless fan or this vase set, which nails both the unassuming quiet luxury style and the biophilic design trend.

‘The trend of irregularly and unusually shaped vases has been quite prominent in the past year, reflecting a broader move towards more organic and unconventional forms in interior design,’ says Alex Stubbs, Flitch interior stylist. ‘This trend draws inspiration from nature, emphasising the calming and grounding effect of organic forms. It also blurs the line between function and art, allowing for personal expression.’

H&M Home 3-pack mini stoneware vases

(Image credit: H&M Home)

Whether you go for the Aldi set or the H&M Home one, you’ll be getting three small-sized stoneware vases, each featuring a different silhouette inspired by organic shapes seen in nature. But while the H&M Home version comes only in a cream colourway, the Aldi set is available in three different shades - cream, beige or grey to match your living room colour scheme.

The only other minor difference is the slight difference in height - while the Aldi vases measure 12 centimetres in height, the H&M Home mini vases stand only 10 centimetres tall.

‘People are looking to bring visual interest to previously overlooked areas, such as empty shelves, and using unusually shaped vases is a great way of achieving that,’ Alex concludes. And you will achieve that with either one of these vase sets, that much is guaranteed.

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