This viral H&M Home tablecloth sold out almost instantly – this is how to emulate the desired summery look for under £15

If you missed out on the H&M Home striped tablecloth, don't worry – we got you covered

H&M Home Patterned cotton tablecloth
(Image credit: H&M)

It doesn’t happen every day that at first glance a simple home accessory goes viral and sells out almost immediately after it’s released. But that’s exactly what happened when the H&M Home striped yellow tablecloth starting at only £17.99 dropped earlier this week – and went out of stock instantly. So we looked for an alternative.

But boy, we did not think it would be so hard to find one, especially at an affordable price point. Which perhaps explains exactly why this tablecloth is so popular - there are not many alternatives on the market that would match it. And also because it fits perfectly into the current home decor trend of desti-core, emulating the look and feel of holiday destinations in your own homes.

So hats off to H&M Home for creating a product that’s rather simple yet fills a gaping hole in the market. But what should we do until the restock then? As per the brand’s reply to one of the comments on the Instagram post displaying the beauty of said tablecloth, no restocking date is showing for this product as of yet.

So instead, we’re looking to our hosting guru, Laura Jackson, who once famously revealed to none other than Alexa Chung that you can create a tablecloth and napkins from any fabric of your liking. And as luck would have it, we found the perfect fabric on Etsy that looks identical to the H&M Home deckchair stripe print for just £7.99 per metre.

Alternative to H&M Home’s sellout striped tablecloth

‘Deckchair stripes evoke nostalgia and simplicity, reminiscent of seaside holidays and outdoor leisure,’ says Alex Stubbs, Flitch interior stylist, on the current deckchair stripe trend. ‘Their bold, playful design adds visual interest and vintage charm, fitting well with both minimalist and maximalist trends.’

And Lucy Mather, design expert from Arighi Bianchi, agrees, ‘This connection to comforting, happy memories makes stripes a popular choice. They can energise a space, making it feel lively and dynamic, which is particularly appealing in modern design where there's a desire for vibrant and engaging interiors.’

So all this considered, we’re not surprised people went crazy for the H&M Home striped cotton tablecloth in yellow and white. Not to mention it’s so pretty!

But that is also why we were so happy to find the Yellow & White Stripe Print Cotton Fabric on Etsy for £7.99 per metre which works out even cheaper than the actual tablecloth. And if you don’t like raw hems and don’t own a sewing machine (or the skills for it), then all you need to add to the edges of the fabric is a hemming tape like the £5.99 Klangfeiler Hemming Tape from Amazon.

A set dining table with a thin striped tablecloth in white and blue and fish-print table runners

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

And while finding the exact same style of the H&M tablecloth on the market is no piece of cake, we did find pieces that emulate the look – even though they come with thinner stripes which are just as fresh-looking, or in different colours or in the form of a table runner rather than a tablecloth.

So do not despair if you missed out on the first drop of the viral tablecloth – there are other ways to get the look for your home long before the restock comes.

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