Glass mushroom lamps are the current lighting must-have – and we found 6 of the most whimsical to shop now

This charming lighting trend is taking over our social media feeds and our homes

Mushroom LED Lamp - Forest Green
(Image credit: ValueLights)

We are currently obsessed with lighting and lamps. There are just too many chic and cute designs available at the moment which are indulging our infatuation. One lighting style that falls into both categories - chic and cute - are glass mushroom lamps.

This look of petite mushroom-shaped table lamps made from patterned glass (whether that’s speckles or swirls) is nothing new. On the contrary, this retro home decor trend stems from the 1970s. But their charming whimsy is really having a moment right now as on TikTok alone, #mushroomlamp has attracted over 90 million views as Matthew Currington, technical director at The Lighting Superstore, points out, and that’s for several reasons.

Elements Small Glass Mushroom Table Lamp

Small Glass Mushroom Table Lamp, £35.00 from Dunelm.

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Even before this lighting trend rose to prominence this year, the toadstool motif trend had taken off last autumn. And both of these trends are credited to the current 70s resurgence in interiors, as well as a way to bring the outside in through the lamps’ organic shape and playful design which people like to include in their homes more and more to express their personality.

So if you like the sound of that, then you’ll love these 6 glass mushroom lamps, each more adorable than the next and all right on trend. 

Best glass mushroom lamps

Why should you buy a glass mushroom lamp?

Grey Glass Mushroom Portable Battery Lamp

Grey Glass Mushroom Portable Battery Lamp, £14 at George.

(Image credit: George Home)

‘It's the perfect combo of form and function, making the “shroom boom” the hottest trend of the season,’ says Abigail Ahern, designer, author and presenter.

As we’ve already touched on the main benefits of a glass mushroom lamp, albeit briefly, its organic silhouette makes it the perfect biophilic design idea for the home.

‘With its curvaceous silhouette and soft edges, the mushroom shape also speaks to the growing trend toward biophilic design,’ says Marlena Kaminska, designer at ValueLights. ‘As we all look for new ways to bring the outdoors in, the mushroom motif is a charming nod to the natural world.’

White Confetti Glass Mushroom Table Lamp

(Image credit: ValueLights)

Secondly, it’s the perfect nod to the 70s home decor trend.  ‘These lamps also tap into a nostalgic longing for playful, retro-inspired designs, adding a touch of whimsy to contemporary interiors,’ says Julian Page, head of design at BHS.

And then there’s the playfulness of these pretty lamps which is as visually intriguing as it is aesthetically pleasing.

‘In a world filled with mass-produced items, there's a growing appreciation for unique pieces that allow individuals to express their personalities in their homes. Essentially, the popularity of these lamps highlights our enduring love for nature, timeless aesthetics, and the desire to create spaces that feel genuinely personal and welcoming,’ Julian concludes.

Mushroom LED Lamp - Forest Green

(Image credit: Abigail Ahern)

How to style a glass mushroom lamp

There are several ways in which you can style your glass mushroom lamp as they are quite a versatile piece of soft lighting. But there are a couple of things you should consider.

‘Pay attention to the scale and proportion of the mushroom lamp in relation to the surrounding furniture and decor. If your mushroom lamp is on the smaller side, avoid placing it on large tables or shelves that will make it look insignificant.  For a larger lamp, be sure to give it plenty of space to become a focal point, but avoid placing it on a side table that is too small, as this will make the proportions feel off,’ Matthew warns.

Other than that, it’s up to you what element of the design you want to lean into.

Multi Gold Confetti Battery Operated Feature Light

(Image credit: Next)

‘When styling a glass mushroom lamp, we would suggest leaning into this fairytale-like charm,’ Marlena says. ‘Kitsch style is currently having a moment in interior design. For an authentic and characterful display, style your mushroom lamp on a bookshelf or sideboard where it can sit amongst other vintage-inspired treasures and trinkets.’

Or you can go in the other direction and embrace the lamp’s organic look. ‘Create a serene retreat by pairing it with natural elements like wooden furniture, neutral colours and leafy plants,’ Julian suggests.

And if your chosen lamp happens to be portable (as several of them are) then you can take notes from Abigail, ‘They look beautiful on top of pile of books on your coffee table, on a stool in the bathroom where they give the sweetest softest glow, or even a kitchen island - anywhere you need a soft glow where you’re missing a plug socket. This season I'm also taking them outdoors, they're perfect for adorning little tables for outdoor hosting.’

The possibilities are endless.

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