IKEA has revealed the secret to a happy home - and its new collection offers a simple fix to help achieve it

Your houseplants just got a style upgrade

IKEA plant stand in room next to seats.
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IKEA's 10th annual home report is in and it's good news! The UK is officially feeling more optimistic about their homes and futures than last year. But of course, there's still room for improvement, so they've offered some recommendations for quick, affordable fixes to upgrade your wellbeing at home. First on the list? Plants. The new DAKSJUS range in particular.

Adding the best indoor houseplants to your space is a quick fix for incorporating colour into your interiors, while also enhancing your wellbeing. Caring for a plant provides a sense of responsibility and improves your home's Feng Shui, leading to a more calming environment.  

'We know from years of doing the Life at Home Report that the better we feel about home, the better we feel about ourselves,' advises Kate McCrory, who leads the Life at Home Report at IKEA. With this in mind, IKEA has launched an all-new plant-care collection that will help you get started on creating a happy home. 

IKEA plant stand in room next to seats.

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IKEA's secret to a happy home

According to the report, 'The need for and love of green space has flourished as a top source of comfort for Brits at home.' In fact, over a quarter (27%) name it as amongst the most important things to maintain a sense of mental wellbeing at home. 

Creating a luscious garden full of greenery and flowers is vital to creating a solace to relax in when the weather allows, but what if you don't have the space? IKEA's new DAKSJUS collection holds the answer. 

Available from February 2024, the range includes hanging pots, windowsill planters and a houseplant trellis that makes it easy to build your plant collection upwards for a smart small home office idea. And of course, because it's IKEA, the range is incredibly affordable so you can improve how your home looks and feels without stressing over the cost of living. 

IKEA planter in teracotta

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Not only will the DAKSJUS range allow you to try out a green-fingered hobby with minimal financial commitment, but it's also available in a range of chic earthy tones that will fit right into the latest living room trends and kitchen trends for 2024. 

With 'many of us looking to what is next for our home lives' according to the report, it's natural that focusing on small style updates that reflect the on-trend colour palettes will be key to making our spaces feel brand new.  

The planter has a sophisticated terracotta tone which reflects the colours we see appearing in the natural world, while the tower trellis comes in pared-back pastel shades that are guaranteed to create peace and harmony in your interior. 

IKEA hanging planters with greenery inside.

(Image credit: IKEA)

For novice gardeners, or those suffering with a small space, it's hard to go wrong with this new range of style-conscious plant pods and gardening tools. Plus, there's stats to back up how beneficial it will be to your lifestyle - happy shopping! 

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