Aldi's light-up paper snowman looks identical to one from John Lewis – but for £50 cheaper

It's a Scandi Christmas must-have

Paper snowman with glowing lightbulb
(Image credit: Aldi)

The festive season is on the horizon, and there's a new Christmas character that we've been seeing everywhere: the paper honeycomb snowman. John Lewis is selling the little fella for £70, however, we've found a dupe at Aldi that is going for less than £15.

As far as festive decorating has been going recently, there's no denying that a Scandi Christmas has been at the top of the trends list. All things light-coloured and pared-back, if you're after a sweet little addition to pair with an artificial Christmas tree, we think a paper snowman is the perfect companion.

John Lewis honeycomb paper snowman Aldi dupe

We spotted Aldi's Paper Snowman at their Christmas Showcase a couple of weeks ago, and admittedly, it was love at first sight. Amongst all the Christmas ideas on display at the event, I couldn't help but keep finding myself back to admire the paper snowman.

So, as soon as we came across the John Lewis LED Lit Honeycomb Snowman, you wouldn't believe our excitement when we realised that the Aldi version could be rung up an extremely formidable dupe.

If you can't quite bite the bullet and drop £70 on John Lewis' paper snowman, then we reckon that Aldi's £14.99 counterpart is likely a budget Christmas decorating idea that may be up your street.

Luckily for you, Aldi's paper snowman will be available to shop in your local Aldi's middle aisle this Thursday 2nd November! So, the wait is not long at all. We predict it's set to be a bestseller, so we recommend popping by sooner than later.

Honeycomb paper snowman

Aldi's Paper Snowman at the Aldi Christmas Showcase 2023

(Image credit: Future/Jullia Joson)

However, if you, unfortunately, don't have the luxury of living near an Aldi but also can't quite justify snagging John Lewis' version, it's not all doom and gloom.

You can still get the honeycomb paper snowman look without breaking the bank. How? By decorating your Christmas tree with honeycomb paper snowman decorations, of course.

Not to mention, the true beauty of these honeycomb paper snowman decorations (whether they be large or small), is that you can easily store these Christmas decorations away with no faff or fuss. These decorations simply fold flat and take up virtually no space, which is perfect if you're working with small storage space.

We can definitely see honeycomb paper snowmen taking the reins as the face of Christmas this year, so if you want to be one of the first to house them as a part of your festive display, now is the perfect time.

Jullia Joson
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