John Lewis' annual buying report reveals that *this* is the interiors trend we're all obsessed with

It's time to supersize it

Living room with neutral corner sofa
(Image credit: John Lewis)

Have you considered supersizing your furniture or home decor this year? We're sorry to break it to you that you might not be as original as you might think, because according to John Lewis supersizing is the home decor trend that we've all been obsessed with this year. 

John Lewis revealed in its annual How We Shop, Live and Look' reportwhat we're all been eyeing up and shopping over the last 12 months at the popular department store. This year, there's been one stand-out choice in the home decor category, and no, it's not embracing the 'grandmillennial' trend, or the colour drenching trend...

The super-sized interior trend

John Lewis' annual report reveals the intriguing news that their customers have had a wide range of varied homeware interests over the last year; from multiple-tog duvets, to rechargeable lamps and fans (presumably, we're all sick of trying to find a plug for our electrical appliances). 

But the one trend that really caught our eye, is the recent fascination that John Lewis have seen in their shoppers for 'super-sized' interiors, rather than smaller, micro pieces of furniture.

According to the report, purchases of oversized, statement rugs have shot up by a whopping 61% in the last year, with customers opting to cover most of their living space with a rug instead of a smaller area of floor space.

White bed with red throw on a natural rug

(Image credit: Future PLC / James French)

The report also reveals that super-king mattresses have become a much bigger seller at John Lewis than ever before, with the brand revealing that sales of their super-king mattresses have climbed 32% in the last 10 years. 

And that's not all – the high street department store also shared that supersized sofas have taken over in the last year, reporting that sales of sofas with five or more seats rose by 36% in the last 12 months – suggesting that, post-pandemic, we're all doing a lot more socialising at home. 

In fact, they revealed that their enormous 'lozenge' sofas have been a bestseller this past year, and we're not surprised, given how much space there is to lounge on them!

The John Lewis lozenge sofa in a cosy modern living room

(Image credit: John Lewis)

While John Lewis' report arguably doesn't give us the entire picture of British consumer habits over the last 12 months, given that they are one of the most popular homeware retailers in the country, we can assume that it's a pretty good indication of where our general interests lie, in terms of interiors.

And if you're keen to emulate the 'over-sized' trend in your home, you'd be taking on a pretty stylish design option.

Oversized interiors, be it a rug, sofa, or even an oversized headboard, can create a really special point of interest in a room, drawing the eye to a statement piece. And, contrary to popular belief a large sofa or a large rug can make a small living room feel larger.

oversized John Lewis Ushak rug with a chair on top of it

(Image credit: John Lewis)

If you're after a 'super-sized' sofa outside of the lozenge range, this modular Swoon option at John Lewis is ideal for larger families or people who often host guests. And if you're on the hunt for an oversized rug that won't overwhelm your room, you can't go far wrong with this neutral yet visually appealing patterned rug, which is available in a very impressive L330 x W230 cm size, if your room can take it!

John Lewis' report also revealed that British consumers have been loving three other homeware products over the last decade, and we're not at all surprised by the results.

According to them, a KitchenAid mixer has been a top purchase from 2013-2023, alongside the Ooni Pizza Oven, and a Ninja air fryer. So if you've bought one of these items recently, you're in good company!


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