Mrs Hinch's Christmas tree is even better than we anticipated – experts love the 'unexpected' tree topper

It blends glamour and opulence in all the right ways

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The time we've all been waiting for is finally here: Mrs Hinch has revealed her Christmas tree for 2023, and it's even better than we anticipated. It's grand and glamorous in all the right ways, with an extravagant (and albeit unexpected) tree topper that we're nothing less than obsessed with.

The first week of December is coming to an end, and if you haven't already put up and decorated your Christmas tree... what are you waiting for?!

Okay, admittedly some of us still have yet to get to that task ourselves. However, in the meantime, we've been indulging in all of our favourite household names and influencers taking to Instagram to share their luxe celebrity Christmas trees and decor for the festive season.

We've already gushed over Mrs Hinch's neutral Christmas living room, so it only makes sense that we'd reserve a spot for the star of the show, the much-anticipated Hinch Farm Christmas tree.

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Mrs Hinch's Christmas tree 2023

Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, took to Instagram just a couple of days ago to share with fans how she's decorated her tree this year. In the reel, she showcases how she's taken her best artificial Christmas tree and transformed it to exude super elevated and luxe vibes. 

Needless to say, she's solidified herself as the person to turn to if you're on the lookout to make an artificial tree look expensive. Because, wow.

Even fans couldn't believe that this Christmas tree idea was just achieved by Mrs Hinch alone. In the comments, Sophie responds, 'I'm flattered that so many of you think someone professional did it. It was only me.'

Commenting on Mrs Hinch's Christmas tree, Amy Greenshields, decoration expert at cardfactory says, 'This decked-out tree stands out as the centrepiece in the room, creating some major wow factor.'

'The oversized red baubles, intricately woven gold ribbons, and unconventional tree topper celebrate extravagance and timeless traditions simultaneously, ensuring its appeal across plenty of Christmases to come.'

'Mrs Hinch's tree blends glamour with opulence, whilst keeping some of the traditional Christmas decorations that we see year after year.'

'This would be an easy decoration theme to replicate with just a few new additions,' assures Amy. 

How to recreate Mrs Hinch's luxe, unconventional Christmas tree

'Mrs Hinch's Christmas tree embodies a luxurious and unconventional approach to holiday decorating,' begins interior designer, Oliver Steer.

'A glamorous and ornate tree aligns with the trend of creating visually striking holiday displays. People are increasingly looking for ways to infuse a touch of luxury into their homes during the holiday season, and Mrs Hinch's tree could serve as inspiration for achieving this glamorous aesthetic.'

Interior designer Oliver Steer
Oliver Steer

One of the UK's leading interior designers, Oliver Steer, creates award-winning, exquisite interiors and properties using the finest materials, furnishings, and craftsmen from around the world. Dedicated to delivering outstanding luxury living, Oliver has worked with businesses across hospitality and premium retail, as well as directly with customers to bring visions and dreams to life in their homes.

1. Colour scheme

'The classic red and gold colour scheme has been taken to the next level by this season's must-have decoration – the ribbon,' starts Amy.

We have to admit we love the Christmas tree ribbon trend, and we've even seen Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright's Christmas tree championing it.

'The combination of oversized red baubles and gold ribbons suggests a classic and opulent theme,' continues Oliver. 'Red and gold are timeless Christmas colours that exude warmth and elegance. This classic palette can withstand the test of time and remains popular across various design styles.'

2. Oversized decor

This Christmas, go big or go home! Oversized decor is a Christmas tree trend that has long been around, and unsurprisingly, Mrs Hinch isn't the first celeb we've seen do it. In fact, Kimberley Walsh's untraditional Christmas tree has also embraced its grandness.

'The use of oversized decorations, such as large baubles, creates a bold and statement-making tree,' explains Oliver. 'This approach can inspire others to experiment with larger ornaments, making their trees stand out and become focal points in their holiday decor.'

We think forgetting to size up where possible is one of the most common Christmas tree decorating mistakes we often see.

3. Unconventional tree topper

And of course, how could we forget Mrs Hinch's glorious gold palm leaves tree topper? It is no doubt a showstopper and a Christmas tree topper idea we'll be stealing, thank you very much.

'The use of gold palm leaves as a tree topper adds a unique and unexpected touch,' says Oliver. 'This unconventional choice can set a trend by encouraging people to think outside the box when selecting tree toppers.'

'Nature-inspired elements have been gaining popularity in interior design, and this choice aligns with that trend.'

All in all, Mrs Hinch's Christmas tree offers a masterclass in infusing luxe charm into an otherwise traditionally classic festive palette. It's opulent, glamorous, and tastefully maximalist. Do we say it even has legs to withstand the everchanging Christmas trends?

Oliver concludes, 'Mrs Hinch's influence, combined with the elements demonstrated, could indeed contribute to shaping Christmas tree trends in the years to come, especially as her style resonates with a broad audience.'

And to resonate, it certainly does.

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