Nancy Meyers home decor is the elegant look taking over Pinterest – these are the best parts of the trend to add to your home now

Is Nancy Meyers core the new ‘coastal grandma’? Interiors experts explain this film-inspired summer style

A beige sofa with a matching armchair and pink accessories
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You may have heard that there’s a new interior trend that’s going viral for its wholesome and nostalgic qualities – it’s the Nancy Meyers trend. Inspired by the home style seen in some of the best rom-coms from the 90s and early 2000s, the home decor trend is named after the filmmaker Nancy Meyers who’s written, produced and directed these beloved movies, which include The Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give, The Parent Trap and Father of the Bride, among many others.

Similarly to pastel eclectic decor, the rise of this trend was first reported by Pinterest in its Summer Trends Report, which outlined ‘Nancy Meyers core’ as the biggest interiors trend of the season as searches on the platform for ‘Nancy Meyers living room’ have increased by 2090% and ‘Nancy Meyers homes’ have risen by 2055% compared to this time last year.

Many are clearly searching for both shots of the actual interiors from the films, but also inspiration for how to recreate the Nancy Meyers aesthetic defined by its elegance paired with a cosy feel in their own space. That’s why we spoke to several interior experts to share some tips on how to incorporate the look into our homes and what are some of the key pieces to decorate with.

A neutral-coloured living room with a soft sofa and pleated curtains

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Nancy Meyers interiors trend

‘On Pinterest, people are searching for all types of Nancy Meyers-inspired rooms, heading to the platform for guidance on how to successfully style and shop for pieces to create the perfect summer hosting look at home,’ comments Matt Siberry, head of home at Pinterest UK, as among the top searches were also ‘Nancy Meyers bedroom’ with a search increase of 1505% and ‘Nancy Meyers kitchen’ rising by 620% in search volume.

But if you’re still not sure what exactly the Nancy Meyers interiors style is, Alex Stubbs, Flitch interior stylist, breaks it down perfectly. ‘Nancy Meyers' interior style is elegant, cosy, and timeless, characterised by neutral colour palettes, layered textures, and a blend of classic and contemporary furnishings. Her spaces prioritise functional elegance, ensuring they are both beautiful and practical, with thoughtful accessories and curated decor adding personality and charm.’

A set dining table with a flowering branch vase arrangement and lit candles

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Victoria Foster, interior stylist at ScS, continues, ‘There is a casual yet luxury feel to each room and a familiar warmth in her style. Her signature colour palette is neutral and crisp with beiges, whites and black and she adds touches of colour and personality through accessories.’

Some compare the look to the coastal grandma trend which was a popular home decor style a couple of years ago. And while there are overlaps, there are also distinctions between the two.

‘While both trends share comfort, elegance, and neutral palettes, Meyers' style is more polished and sophisticated, blending modern and traditional elements. In contrast, the coastal grandma trend is relaxed and casual with coastal motifs. Additionally, Meyers' interiors feature high-end finishes and curated art, while coastal grandma style favours rustic, beach-inspired decor,’ Alex explains.

A boucle cream sofa with a striped rug

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Why is the Nancy Meyers aesthetic popular now?

You might be wondering why this interior style reference is becoming so popular right now, considering that Nancy Meyers hasn’t released a new film in years. And we wouldn’t blame you if you were. But our experts have an answer for this, too.

‘Meyers’ iconic rom coms remain some of the most favoured in the genre. The era of her films may offer some nostalgia for those who watched in their adolescent years and are now homeowners who want to recreate the look,’ Victoria says.

She adds, ‘The popularity with her style might also be attributed to the ‘quiet luxury’ trend that has recently taken off in both fashion and interiors. Her protagonists are often affluent and live in sophisticated, comfortable yet minimalist homes which fit this trend perfectly.’

Matt from Pinterest UK thinks it’s due to the timelessness and storytelling seen in the films’ homes. ‘I think the popularity of Nancy Meyers’ inspired interiors is that they seem to tell a story. Whether it’s through vintage vases or treasured coffee tables, the trend infuses nostalgia and charm into interior spaces, creating a space that feels uniquely individual.’

A beige sofa with a matching armchair and pink accessories

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How to incorporate Nancy Meyers core into your home

When recreating the Nancy Meyers aesthetic at home, start with the signature colour palette.

‘To achieve the look, start with a neutral palette of whites, creams, and soft greys, and incorporate layered textures with throws, pillows, and rugs,’ Alex advises.

Victoria agrees, ‘The key piece for incorporating her look into the home is an oversized rug. Her living rooms feature intimate seating set ups, with sofas and armchairs carefully positioned to encourage conversation and this is zoned by placing a large vintage style rug that fills the space. Often there is also a plush footstool placed in the centre of this space too, which brings in comfort and style.’

As previously mentioned, it’s all about quiet yet cosy luxury vibes. So bold patterns are not very common - except for one and that’s the timeless striped motif seen on accessories and soft furnishings.

A shaker kitchen in light grey

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‘A common pattern used in her interiors is a bold stripe, usually in navy and white, which is a trend that we’re seeing more of this year. Adding striped accessories like cushions, throws or rugs into your interiors adds interest whilst maintaining clean and sleek lines,’ Victoria says.

Vintage-style vases and classic coffee tables are great ways to incorporate the Nancy Meyers look into your home, as Matt already mentioned. But there are other elements you can opt for. ‘Choose timeless furniture with clean lines, blend in contemporary pieces, and add personal touches with curated art. Finally, use warm, ambient lighting to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere,’ Alex says.

As far as cooking spaces go, shaker kitchens are the most common style to see in a Nancy Meyers rom com. ‘She tends to opt for shaker-style kitchens which are timeless and give a clean look to the space. If you’re able to, switching out your cupboard doors for this style can instantly give this kind of look,’ Victoria suggests.

Get the look

Now you too can live life in style like Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give or Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated.

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