The fresh new colour trend for spring/summer is a sophisticated take on green that will elevate your home

Grab your martini and embrace the olive green trend

An olive green cabinet with a wallpaper backdrop
(Image credit: Lucie Annabel)

Green isn’t just green - because one green is not the same as the next. This one colour name spans everything from vibrant lime to soft sage and jewel-toned emerald. But this season, it’s all about one particular shade - and that’s olive green.

Inspired by the natural shade of the namesake oval fruit and popular snack, this new home decor trend can take on many different forms in your home, as big or small as you like and dare. But why has this particular colour been thrust into the spotlight?

Well, there isn’t just one reason but rather a few for why this hue makes perfect sense for this spring. All of which our interiors, paint and colour experts get into here.

An olive green cabinet with a wallpaper backdrop

(Image credit: Future PLC/Oliver Perrott)

Olive green colour trend

‘Over the past month alone searches for “olive green wall paint” have increased by 233%,’ says Michael Rolland, paint expert and managing director at The Paint Shed. ‘Olive green is a more sophisticated shade than the popular greens from previous years such leaf greens. Being versatile and muted, it can easily add an elegant look to the home.’

Even our very own Editor-in-Chief, Heather Young has been taken by the colour and chose to paint her ceiling in Little Greene's Olive Colour.  'I love the depth of Olive Colour. It's so rich and visually links the space to the view of trees through the window,' she says.

Green-painted ceiling in a bedroom

(Image credit: Heather Young)

Lucy Mather, design expert at Arighi Bianchi points out that 'olive green is perfect for capturing that Mediterranean vibe.’

‘This shade also has a hint of retro which continues to be a popular interiors trend, as people draw on 70s design influences,’ Lucy adds. And this is not the first colour trend inspired by the overarching 70s home decor trend as the brown paint micro trend from last year had similar origins.

The colour’s biophilic connotations also make it desirable as we’re all still a little obsessed with bringing the outside in. And the shade’s versatility is even more attractive. ‘An extremely versatile tone, olive green lends itself to a myriad of interior styles, from modern to traditional, making it a favourite for many people,’ says Amy Holton, head of creative at Lucie Annabel.

But olive green doesn’t have to be in the form of paint, you can just as well add a piece of olive green furniture or a home accessory into your space instead.

Get the look

Where to use olive green

Lucie Annabel Gatsby Olive and Vintage Gold

(Image credit: Lucie Annabel)

If you’re going with olive green paint, then rooms that offer a good amount of natural light would make the best candidates, as well as those where you want to create a calming atmosphere – so it would be perfect for a bedroom or living room colour scheme.

‘The best rooms to use olive green are those which allow lots of natural light – think bedrooms and living rooms with large windows. These kinds of rooms can combine with the green to bring a calm, relaxing feel to your home,’ Michael says.

Amy adds, ‘It is often favoured in spaces where someone is wanting to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere, for example in a living room or bedroom, due to its ability to bring on a feeling of calm and tranquillity.’

What colours pair well with olive green?

A living room with a grey sofa and an olive green chair

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

As we said, olive green is a very versatile shade that goes with pretty much anything. That’s part of its allure. But if you’re stuck for what colours to pair with olive green, our experts have some suggestions.

‘Striking a perfect balance between a warmer and cooler tone, olive green pairs well with a variety of colours, from neutrals to greys and bolder hues such as rust orange, whether used as a dominant hue or accent colour,’ Amy suggests.

Lucy agrees, ‘You can pair it with almost any colour – from a paired back palette of creams to bolder combinations of orange or mustard yellow. I also love how it pairs with pale pinks giving it a modern, yet elegant feel. It also looks fabulous as a backdrop for mid-century modern furniture.’

How could you not love a shade like that?

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