Poundland's £2.50 wireless mushroom lamp is the ultimate on-trend budget lamp

The budget retailer is selling the perfect lookalike for an already affordable Amazon wireless lamp – for just £2.50!

LED lamp
(Image credit: Poundland)

We can’t say this enough - 2024 is the year of lighting. Sorry, not sorry, it’s true. Lighting is everything this year as more and more brands are coming out with pretty, cool and practical lamps, that includes the most affordable of retailers like Poundland which has just come out with its own wireless lamp – for only £2.50!

Even though we’re a little bit salty about the fact it’s not £1 (why is it called Poundland then?!), we were quick to forgive when seeing this light design. Wireless lamps have been a leading lighting trend since the end of last year, really coming into their own this year.

And the fact that even a brand like Poundland is coming out with their own bargain version only solidifies this lighting idea. Not to mention that it’s the perfect dupe for a lookalike Amazon LED cordless lamp, which in itself is quite affordable at £13.80. But you can’t beat a £2.50 lamp.

Poundland’s new wireless lamp

It’s only fitting that our cordless lamp obsession started last year with the viral Amazon wireless lamp that we were seeing all over our social media feeds and which is still one of the best wireless lamps we’ve come across. Now, Poundland is making a dupe for another lovely Amazon cordless lamp.

‘Wireless lamps are a great way of incorporating lighting in a spot where there isn’t a power point or where you’d like to avoid any messy wires,’ says Matthew Currington, technical director of The Lighting Superstore. ‘Lamps are an ideal way to create a cosy atmosphere in your home – but you may feel limited where you can place them. Wireless lamps give you the luxury of placing them anywhere without worrying about a power source.’  

Let’s play a little game of spot the difference, which will be hard to do when it comes to these two designs since they’re so similar. The white-coloured Poundland lamp is battery-powered and features LED light, just like the Amazon version.

Dunelm wireless rechargeable lamp in Green on a sideboard beside some books

(Image credit: Dunelm)

‘Energy-efficient LED bulbs contribute to lower energy consumption and potential cost savings on electricity bills, with the use of rechargeable batteries in these lamps helps with a reduction in environmental waste,’ explains Julian Page, head of design at BHS.

The main difference between the two (apart from the price) is the Amazon’s lamp’s timer function, which the Poundland doesn’t possess. 

And there is one more downside – you can’t buy the Poundland lamp online as with most of the retailer’s products. They are available exclusively in store if you can track one down before they sell out.

However, if you aren't sold on the colour, but love the retro mushroom design the Dunelm range of Keko Rechargeable Touch Table Lamp (shown above) is a good alternative. Priced at £20 it is available in 9 different colours that will suit any colour scheme. 

Which will you choose?

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