The Primark festive fragrances smell just like Christmas – and they start at just 80p

Welcome the smell of the festive season into your home without spending a fortune

Primark Cinnamon & Clove scented candle on table next to festive decoration
(Image credit: Primark)

The Primark festive fragrances hit the shelves again for the winter season so you can welcome the scent of Christmas into your homes. If you skipped out on a real tree this year and instead are sporting your best artificial Christmas tree, you can still mimic the seasonal scent of fir, pine, and cinnamon – starting from only 80p.

Primark is here to kick-start your Christmas decorating, offering festive fragrances in the form of traditional, stylish candles to reed diffusers. If you need a festive pick-me-up this winter, we advise you to mooch around the Primark homeware section for more stellar picks.

Primark Woodlands scented reed diffuser assortment

(Image credit: Primark)

Primark festive fragrances

The Primark festive fragrances are currently available in the form of your traditional candle and as a selection of reed diffusers. These might even be some to add to your list of best scented candles or the best reed diffusers.

The Cinnamon & Clove Scented Candle comes in at only £3.50, sporting chic, red packaging with gold detailing – nothing screams 'Christmas' more than this. Primark claims that 'featuring a wonderful cinnamon and clove fragrance, this candle not only has a divine scent, it also makes a great display item.' And we agree, it's a nifty find to accompany your budget Christmas decorating ideas.

Primark Cinnamon & Clove scented candle on table next to festive decoration

(Image credit: Primark)

The Primark festive fragrances also come in the form of reed diffusers, with up to four different scents to choose from including Winter Spice, Festive Christmas, Fig & Frankincense, and Woodlands. They're the perfect fit for a bathroom or as a festive fit for your Christmas hallway ideas.

All the scents are available in the 100ml size, ringing in at £2.50 each and claiming to last up to 8 weeks in freshness, and if you bag one now then your home is sorted for the rest of the festive season. Each seasonal scent is also available as a mini diffuser with a capacity of 30ml, starting at only 80p. These ones are expected to last you up to 4 weeks – and for less than a pound, we think that's pretty neat.

Primark Festive Christmas scented reed diffusers assortment

(Image credit: Primark)

So if you want to get your hands on a festive bargain, head over to your local Primark to shop the Christmas fragrances and take a look at the rest of their seasonal homeware picks. The festive season is sweet, but we can all agree that it's even sweeter with these wins at a stellar price.

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