Colour expert Sophie Robinson forecasts the next 'big colour trend' for home interiors

'There's now a whole smorgasbord of colours to choose from'

Sophie Robinson sitting on sofa
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Interiors stylist and colour expert, Sophie Robinson, shares her predictions for the scene of colour and paint trends throughout the progression of the rest of this year. According to the colour queen herself, she believes that a colour renaissance is among us.

Previously, Sophie shared her secret to breaking free from '50 shades of beige' and learning to start embracing colour in a home filled with otherwise neutral living room colour schemes and bedroom colour schemes alike.

After the first step of getting connected with what you love comes staying up-to-date with the latest colour trends we can expect to see more of, them come Autumn and Winter – and Sophie's got the forecast.

White and pink wall and rug, with corkboard and baby blue sideboard covered in objects in shades of blue, pink, yellow, and orange

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Sophie Robinson's predictions on the next 'big colour trend' in our homes

We asked interior design guru Sophie Robinson what colour trends we can expect to see more of throughout the year, to which she responded, 'Well, I think colour is continuing to have a big crusade as more and more people are getting the memo that it's okay to have a colourful home.'

Sophie Robinson sitting on sofa
Sophie Robinson

Sophie is an undisputed colour queen and tour de force in the interior design industry with over 20 years of experience in all things interiors. She is also a guest judge on BBC2's The Great Interior Design Challenge and has joined Taskrabbit as a tasker for a limited time to offer colour consultations to help guide the nation on how to banish the beige.

'Through years of being conditioned to paint everything 50 shades of beige or grey in order to flip our property selling and use it as an investment, it's drilled into us by property developers and TV shows: 'Depersonalise your home and maximise profit', starts Sophie.

'But we're not in that culture anymore,' she assures. 'People aren't flipping property like they were 10 years ago. Now, we're actually creating homes to live in.'

Dining room with red panelled wall, red table, and yellow chairs

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'I believe that through the period of lockdown where people really spent a lot of time in their home, they realised that the decor and colours they surround themselves in have a massive effect on their mental health and well-being.'

Sophie believes this is when we started to see people tailoring colours for themselves and choosing the perfect paint colour.

'There is one colour that's going to suit everybody,' she continues. 'You've got to do the work and find out what colours you like, that way you're going to create a home that really supports you emotionally and makes you feel happy.

Dining table with pink tablecloth, yellow walls, black shelves and chairs and large wicker lampshade

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'So, I believe we'll be saying just more of the colours in a nutshell and more diversity within the trends,' predicts Sophie.

'You know the grey trend? That was just so mono. It was just like grey, grey, grey, grey, grey. Grey kitchens, grey bedrooms, grey bathroom tiles, grey flooring, grey sofas.'

Sophie finishes on this note, 'I think that's over now and there's now a whole smorgasbord of colours to choose from, and I think that's going to be moving forward as the big colour trend, really.'

Hot pink and deep berry velvet sofa and pouffes next to curtain

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For a limited time only, Sophie Robinson is bookable as a Tasker on the Taskrabbit platform, for anyone needing a helping hand introducing colour into their home. To book a colour consultation with her, visit the Taskrabbit website.

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