Stacey Solomon's dreamy gift wrapping station is the perfect solution for storing awkward-shaped gift supplies

Fans on Instagram are in love, and for good reason

Stacey Solomon
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Gift wrapping stations have taken our social media feeds by storm, serving as a quite literal one-stop shop for all your gift wrap essentials. However, you know a trend is worth paying attention to when the Stacey Solomon gets a hold of it.

Taking to Instagram, Stacey shared with fans how she made her 'dream wrapping station' by upcycling an old cupboard (that has certainly seen better days) which she sourced from Facebook Marketplace. Despite the impressive result, it's actually a pretty easy DIY project that can be achieved by anyone of any DIY ability – even those who are still beginners in upcycling, no less.

'In many homes, gift wrapping is often stored away under a bed or at the back of the cupboard – and is usually done so in a rather haphazard manner because of the awkward shape and sizes of many gifting supplies,' begins Amy Greenshields, gifting expert at cardfactory. However, the rise of this unexpected (yet awfully handy) home decor trend has solved this issue once and for all for those whose gift-wrapping supplies have become an entity of their own.

In the caption of her Instagram reel, Stacey says that she's always wanted a dedicated space for her 'ridiculous collection' of gift wrap ideas, cards, and everything in between – and this gift wrapping station makes for the ideal solution.

'I really didn't have to do much other than create a little extending work space, add some sturdy tension rods & a few baskets but I LOVE IT!' says Stacey.

Unsurprisingly, fans on Instagram are also just as obsessed with the gift wrapping station as we are with it. 'OMG!!!! This is the dream,' reads one comment with another reading, 'I love this! At first I couldn't understand why you need this but once you started filling it I thought Yeah! It's ALWAYS someone's birthday,' proving its – albeit niche – usefulness.

Poking fun, another comment even reads, 'Monica Geller would be proud.' In case you didn't think that storage solutions for small spaces could get more clever, think again.

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However, should you not be up for a little upcycled furniture idea or unfortunately don't have the space to accommodate this, rest assured that you can achieve similar – on a smaller scale.

'The effect of what Stacey Solomon has achieved with her wrapping paper station is fantastic,' says Simon Glanville, managing director at A Place for Everything. 'But if you're not a DIYer or don't have the space for a full cupboard to devote to a wrapping paper station, then look for some space-saving options that will do the trick.'

'You can build up your own station, using the top of a sideboard for wrapping (and using the drawers underneath with dividers to separate out the ribbons, sticky tape etc). Or incorporating that under-utilised space on the back of a door with a rack system,' he advises.

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Irrespective of whether you go full cupboard dedicated to a gift wrapping station or opt for a smaller solution, Amy assures that 'organising your gift supplies in this way is not only practical but can also inspire more thoughtful present wrapping.'

'If you're someone who loves wrapping gifts, having all of your paper, embellishments, tags and ribbons neatly displayed can encourage greater creativity.' And knowing Stacey's bubbly personality, it's no wonder she's all for a gift wrapping station of this level.

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