3 stunning strawberry vases to shop now if you missed out on The Range's TikTok viral sensation

Strawberry season is every season

Strawberry vase on kitchen table
(Image credit: Amazon)

The Range is selling the cutest strawberry vase and it is already going viral on TikTok. Considering the fact it's only £10 yet makes for a gorgeous statement piece, it's easy to see why fans are nothing less but obsessed.

TikTok is a breeding ground for all things trend-related, and the appetite for showcasing growing home decor trends is even greater. Although we're smack bang in the middle of a cold spell in the UK, the strawberry motif trend is a summery trend that continues to dominate homes nonetheless. 

We'd even argue that it's fitting to embrace the strawberry girl aesthetic, a la Lily Allen, all year round.

Strawberry vase on kitchen table

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Range's strawberry vase first drew attention on the video-sharing platform last month, with one video in particular getting over 580,000 views captioned 'This is your sign to go to The Range and get this strawberry vase'.

Subsequently, #strawberryvase has over 5.6 million views, with The Range's bargain vase displayed towards the top. Therefore, we think it's safe to say it's earned its place as a social media-endorsed home decor sensation.


♬ Pink Friday Girls - Nicki Minaj

However, there is a catch. Following the strawberry vase's viral success, it's pretty much sold out nearly everywhere. The strawberry is out of stock online but is still available in very limited select stores – if you're lucky, that is.

But of course, we've come prepared with alternatives. If you love the strawberry vase design and are gutted about its scarcity, we've tracked down three equally gorgeous alternatives.

Shop The Range strawberry vase alternatives

While these picks are more expensive than The Range's very budget-friendly £10 offer, we're confident that they're still sure to be a much-needed pick-me-up during this wave of January blues to help boost your mood at home.

Pop the vase on a styled coffee table, an empty or tired-looking shelf, or maybe even a decluttered bedside table to add a pop of colour to your bedroom as you hail in the New Year. After all, colour expert Sophie Robinson did say that 2024 is going to be the year where we embrace a 'whole smorgasbord of colours' as per her home interior predictions.

We'll be patiently waiting for strawberry season to make its way back around.

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