IKEA has just launched a pet collection featuring some seriously stylish cat and dog beds

The UTSÅDD collection is a must-shop if you're on the hunt for goodies for your furry friend

IKEA UTSÅDD products on a yellow background with a dog and cat in the frame
(Image credit: IKEA)

There’s not much you can’t buy at IKEA - from a free-standing flatpack wardrobe to a colourful lamp. But one thing cat and dog owners will have noticed is missing is a range of pet accessories. But that is no longer as a range of animal beds, bowls and other homeware is launching in a dedicated pet collection at IKEA.

The UTSÅDD range has been meticulously designed based on the four things cats and dogs love – sleeping, eating, playing and hiding away in peace. It includes practically all and any of the essential items a pet owner might need, whether they're new to having an animal sidekick or looking to upgrade some items with a little IKEA hack.

IKEA’s new UTSÅDD pet range

IKEA UTSÅDD cat house in a cupboard

(Image credit: IKEA)

Two years in the making, the UTSÅDD range includes 29 different products, which IKEA say have all been created with our pets' natural behaviours and preferences in mind. 

Safety seems to have been a top priority, too. IKEA explain that the new collection was put together with advice from both veterinarians and pet product experts, meaning that the items have been designed to function in a way that’s beneficial for both pets and their owners. 

'We formulated protocols and risk assessments based on our research, evaluations of previous pet collections, and input from our partner veterinarians and pet product experts. Our protocols include periodic chemical, mechanical and physical safety tests on all UTSÅDD products,' Julia Rosenberg, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden AB explains.  

IKEA UTSÅDD bed with a dog sleeping in it

(Image credit: IKEA)

One of the most important things for our furry friends is a comfortable and safe place to sleep, and IKEA have created a cosy looking pet bed for just £12, which comes in four different sizes, and is both water-repellent and machine washable, in case of any accidents, or snoozes at the end of wet muddy walks!

They’ve also designed a few different cat houses, which allow our cats to retreat to somewhere private in peace – choose from a £13 tipi, tent style house, a £55 wicker house on legs, or a material, box-shaped house that should fit neatly into a Kallax unit for just £5.

There are lots of goodies for dogs too, including a few simple toys made from natural rubber and fabric, which IKEA explain 'were carefully designed to be durable and robust, yet gentle on teeth and gums.'

IKEA UTSÅDD dog toy with a dog next to it

(Image credit: IKEA)

For those in need of items for dinner time, the UTSÅDD collection also includes a pet bowl and a mat for use under the bowl, which look super slick and monchrome.

The mat, which will set you back just £1.50,  is made with anti-slip fabric, and the ceramic bowl, available from £3, is heavy enough not to move around as your pet eats, as well as being dishwasher safe for easy clean-up – all of which will allow you to keep a clean house with pets!

The collection is all generally muted in colour tones too, with most items made up in light blue, green and beige colours, in order to create a calm environment for your cat or dog.

dog eating from IKEA UTSÅDD bowl on a placemat

(Image credit: IKEA)

Unfortunately, all of this good stuff isn’t available in stores or online until April, so there’s still a little bit of time to wait. 

But if you’re on the hunt for affordable items for your furry friend, it's worth bearing in mind that you can now pick it up at your local IKEA – alongside your Pax wardrobes, your BILLY bookcase, and of course, a plate of your favourite Swedish meatballs.


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