Go back in time with the dark and luxurious Victorian decor trend

It’s all about decorating your home like Queen Victoria herself but not quite

Lily Magna velvet curtains
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With searches for Victorian decor rising by 850% in the last month alone, it is safe to say that Victoriana is having a bit of a moment. But while Victorian clothing with its high lace collars and puffy shoulders is widely known, the era’s decor style not so much. So what is the Victorian home decor trend

If you’re a diehard minimalist then Victorian decor is probably not going to be to your liking. The era spanning the years 1837 to 1901 is defined by a dark and moody aesthetic. It is a maximalist style of bold (but still dark) florals, patterns and colours. It might also be tied to the grandmillennial interiors trend that’s all about nostalgia and looking to our grandparents’ traditional houses for home decor ideas.

We’ve consulted our experts to give us a better idea of what is and isn’t Victorian decor, how to emulate the style in our homes and whether we even should.

Victorian decor trend 

A dark living room with purple-painted walls, floral curtains and a fire place

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Apart from striking nature-inspired patterns a la textile designer and poet William Morris who actually lived during the Victorian period, Victorian decor is also defined by its choice of dark, jewel colours and luxurious, heavy fabrics.

‘Victorian style is rich and dramatic with darker colours taking centre stage often mixed with foliage motifs. You can never go too far wrong in taking inspiration from Mother Nature,’ says decorating consultancy manager, Steve Corcoran from House of Hackney, a furnishing brand that sources much of its inspiration from the Victorian aesthetic.

Juliette Thomas, founder and director of interior design company, Juliettes Interiors, adds, ‘Jewel tones such as burgundy, emerald green, royal blue and rich reds exude Victorian style, whilst florals, velvet and paisley are three of the most easily recognised Victorian prints.’

Golden Lily wallpaper

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Tom Revill, co-founder of Plank Hardware, chimes in, ‘The style often features heavy and intricate fabrics, like velvet and silk, in deep rich colours. These fabrics were used for draperies, upholstery and furnishings, adding a sense of luxury to the space.’

You can apply this trend to furniture too as the era favoured dark wood and ornate detailing.

‘Ornate furniture with intricate carvings, embellishments and heavy wooden elements with dark finishes are also heavily influenced by the Victorian era,’ confirms Juliette.

Steve concludes, ‘Rich Gothic detailing and architectural detail typify this era with the romance of this style still being popular today.’

Where does this trend come from?

Luxury Designer Velvet Swivel Armchair

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But who and what should we credit with the Victorian decor’s rise in popularity? Could it be because increasingly more people embrace vintage furniture and decor styles as we’ve seen recently with the bobbin home aesthetic trend?

Tom weighs in, ‘Vintage furniture appears to be taking the design world by storm this season. The revival of retro furniture styles, driven by a wave of nostalgia, is undeniably gaining popularity and allowing people to step away from the greys and beiges that have long dominated interiors.’

’The resurgence of vintage furniture may also be in response to contemporary period dramas entering the mainstream, like Bridgerton.’

How can you incorporate Victorian decor into your home?

Lily Magna velvet curtains

(Image credit: House of Hackney)

If you take to Victorian decor and wonder how to incorporate these elements into your interior, then our experts offer some home decor ideas.

‘If you’re a fan of bold pattern and texture, you can incorporate it into your design scheme in a few ways – from an ornate sofa and paisley curtains and to darker, moodier hues via your curtains or a large rug to create a statement,’ Juliette recommends.

Tom of Plank Hardware has a few more ideas, ‘You can implement this in your living space by using a dark colour scheme and painting all of your walls the same shade, including the ceiling.’

Hudson hardware

(Image credit: Plank Hardware)

He also suggests adding brass hardware and shaker style kitchen ideas and cabinetry to your home, ‘With its warm golden hue, brass was widely used to create a variety of functional and decorative elements throughout homes during this period – brass handles, door knobs, hinges, and keyhole plates.’

‘Shaker-style cabinets are a key element in Victorian kitchens, known for their timeless and classic design. The simple, clean lines and unadorned look of Shaker cabinetry contribute to a design that can easily fit into various interior styles, from traditional to contemporary.’

We think that this dark, moody and cosy trend is perfect for the coming Autumn and Winter seasons.

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