This new Yankee candle is what I’ll be burning to relax this spring season

Yankee’s new Aloe & Agave scent is getting me excited for spring

Yankee Candle Aloe & Agave
(Image credit: Yankee Candle)

Spring is officially here and that can only mean one thing -  getting a new seasonal scent to fill our homes is in order. And one of the UK’s favourite candle makers, Yankee Candle has just answered our prayers with a new range of spring candles. And my top pick of the three-piece line-up is the Yankee Candle Aloe & Agave candle. 

Yankee is a true crowd-pleaser so you can’t go wrong with one of their best scented candles if ever in doubt. And the new Yankee Candle Aloe & Agave home fragrance, selling for £29.99 for the large 567g size, is no exception.

Its soft and green scent blends notes of famously soothing aloe vera with zesty lemon, floral peony and lotus and finally mineral wood and sweet agave. But the one note that makes this one of the best home fragrances for me is the subtle smell of tea leaves that’s ever present, whether you burn the candle or just leave it uncovered. And as a true lover of tea, that just makes my heart sing.

Yankee Candle Aloe & Agave

(Image credit: Yankee Candle)

Yankee candle launches Aloe & Agave scent

Yankee’s Autumn Daydream was one of our favourite and best scented candles for autumn last year, proving that the company knows just how to capture the essence of a season. And now, the brand has done it again.

The entire spring-themed collection by Yankee Candle is focused on calm and relaxation, each one just interprets it slightly differently - Amber & Sandalwood is rich and sweet designed to evoke a sunny tropical beach, while A Calm & Quiet Place is the softest and cleanest of the three, inspired by meditation.

‘Yankee Candle Aloe & Agave was created as an oasis of relaxing freshness to bring into your home,’ says Taylor Perlis, Yankee Candle fragrance evaluator. ‘Aloe is known for its soothing properties, often used to promote comfort and reduce stress. When combined with the refreshing scent of agave, the candle creates a harmonious blend. I love using this comforting scent when practising yoga or when having a bubble bath for a tranquil space. The clean and fresh notes of aloe and agave are combined with notes of blue lotus and white peony, a wonderful candle for everyday use.’

It’s simply a serenity-evoking candle that is perfect for those moments when you want to unwind, whether that’s in the bath or with a good book snuggled up on your favourite chair. And with the candle's 60 to 90-hour burn time, you will be able to enjoy its soothing scent to your heart's content.

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