Unlock the ultimate 'everything shower' ritual with these expert-backed design tips

Creating the bathroom of your dreams isn't such an unattainable feat, after all

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If there's something TikTok is known for, it's for being at the forefront of trends. From bathroom trends to self-care rituals, best believe if something goes viral on TikTok, it's for good reason – and the 'everything shower' is no exception.

Now, you may wonder: 'What on earth is an everything shower?' Well, consider the 'everything shower' your own personal version of an at-home spa day that could consist of anything from scalp detoxes, to full body scrub sessions, and more. It's the extra self-care steps you'd probably take during a Sunday reset, for example.

However, with a fully-stacked and complex shower routine comes the necessity for your bathroom to work with you and not against you. It needs to be functional, streamlined, and feel oh-so-luxurious.

We've asked the experts to weigh in to give their two cents on how to best design your bathroom to help you unlock the ultimate 'everything shower' experience.

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The ultimate 'everything shower' bathroom design recipe

'Self-care has evolved over the last few years and the 'everything shower' has become the latest ritual people are adopting,' starts Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert at Etsy. 'Keeping a relaxed and tidy environment is a key part of this process, so I recommend having a streamlined and efficient approach to organisation.'

Therefore, even more so does keeping an organised bathroom certainly pay.

White tiled bathroom, bathtub, shelving, artwork

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'When it comes to achieving the ultimate shower room that is also spa-like, it's essential to think about the products you're going to have on display as well as the ones you want to keep out of sight,' adds Kris Tolofson, director and co-founder of Nöa & Nani.

'To help you with the routine, I'd suggest having everything in the order of how you want to use it and as an 'everything shower' is made up of three parts - the pre-shower, main shower, and post-shower,' suggests Warren Kinloch, bathroom expert at Bathroom Deal. 'I'd advise having three separate areas to store these.'

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1. Pre-shower

'For the pre-shower, you'll likely be using products like hair or scalp treatments, so keep these near your hairbrush so you don't forget to apply them,' advises Warren.

'If you don't tend to brush your hair in your pre-shower ritual, it might be better to store these near your sink, ideally on a mirror shelf, so you see them as you enter the bathroom ready for your shower and remember to apply them.'

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2. Main shower

'For your in-shower routine, I recommend using a shower shelf. One long shower shelf or a smaller shelf with two levels should be more than enough to hold your in-shower products, from shampoo to body scrub,' suggests Warren.

'From floating shelves above a bathtub to tiered shower caddies, shelving is a great way to maximise storage in the bathroom and a super stylish way to store your self-care tools,' adds Dayna.

Besides, who can have enough bathroom storage?

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And for the actual shower portion itself, 'invest in a shower system that will transform your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary,' advises Paul Bangs, category director at Wickes.

On top of that, 'using high-quality soaps, shampoos, and bath bombs that are visually appealing and emit pleasant scents will make your shower routine not only aesthetic, but a pleasure to complete,' adds Rikki Fothergill at Big Bathroom Shop.

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Rikki continues, 'Incorporating features like rainfall showerheads, eucalyptus, aromatherapy diffusers, or bath trays for a spa-like experience takes an everything shower to the next level!'

Dayna chimes in, 'And for a natural spa-like feel, use natural materials like neutral neutral bamboo or marble, or opt for brass or black metal for a more minimalist but glam aesthetic.'

Not only do these additional shower room ideas and bathroom upgrades maximise your 'everything shower', but they're also just nice to have to truly give your bathroom that luxurious spa bathroom vibe.

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'Lastly, keep your post-shower products like body oil and skincare, safely away from warm shower steam in an under-sink storage cupboard,' advises Warren.

'These products may not necessarily be made for being kept in a humid bathroom so storing them in bathroom storage units is essential to help them stay long-lasting.'

Rikki adds, 'Make life super easy for yourself by utilising open storage cabinets, labelled jars, and boxes.'

'Incorporating these storage options also ensures that everything needed for your daily routines is conveniently available, enhancing the overall efficiency and comfort of the experience,' concludes Kris at Nöa & Nani.

Bathroom with storage next to sink

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All in all, the 'everything shower' trend is here to promote a clean and clutter-free bathroom environment with simple and streamlined products and design to help you get the most out of your well-deserved spa-like experience.

After all, you deserve to live in luxury.

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