This genius vanity is going viral on TikTok as the ultimate space-saving solution for small bedrooms

'This is literally the perfect piece of furniture' – and we've found where to shop one similar

White painted bedroom with built-in vanity with wall mirror
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This 3-in-1 vanity has been going viral on TikTok as one of the most genius bedroom buys that everyone is raving about. Fans have been dubbing it 'perfect for small spaces' and the ideal storage solution for 'dorm or studio apartments'. Some fans have even gone on to call it the 'perfect piece of furniture' – and it's easy to see why.

If you've been left with the fate of a particularly small bedroom (likewise), then you already know that you have to be a little more nifty with how you use your space to make your limited square footage work harder.

There are only so many small bedroom layouts you can try before you need to try your luck with savvy space-saving furniture buys, and this 3-in-1 vanity is taking the take.

Wooden dressing table in blue painted corner with round mirror in corner beside shelves with make up and hairdryer

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The TikTok viral 3-in-1 vanity

Julie Kay (@imjuliekay) who has gained a following for her organising videos took to TikTok to rave about her latest bedroom storage find. She posted two videos on the genius 3-in-1 vanity which racked up a total of over 8.5 million views combined.

'Not only is this a vanity, a nightstand, and a desk, but it has a hidden pull-out chair,' she starts in one of her videos. 'This thing is super compact but it's tall. I love that there's a cabinet, a built-in light, and you can fit so much stuff in there.'


Its a 3 in 1 😍🤌🏼 Vanity + desk + nightstand 👏 perfect for small spaces 🤗

♬ original sound - Julie Kay

The storage unit has a mirror, multiple drawers (one of which resides in the hidden chair), and even hooks on each side.  And for those of you who work from home, the unit even transforms into your own little desk. We think it's safe to say that it's utterly genius.

Fans have also been showing nothing but awe for this space-saving solution with comments reading, 'This is exactly what I've been needing since my room doesn't have space for a large vanity!' Another comment reads, 'This is literally the perfect piece of furniture.'

Where to shop one similar

While we couldn't find the exact model as shown in the popular video, we've trawled the internet to look for a similar find that we're equally as impressed by.

Considering I've always had to carry the task of knowing how to organise a small bedroom, this genius buy could've certainly done me well. So, we've got to admit. This might just be the ultimate space-saving bedroom storage unit we've seen, and we have yet to see something that'll wow us even more.

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