Yes, Carrie and Aidan's stylish bed in And Just Like That is from IKEA!

If this Scandi chic bed is good enough for Carrie Bradshaw, it's more than good enough for us...

John Corbett as Aidan Shaw & Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw
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And just like that, we're obsessed with Carrie's bed.

Fans of the Sex And The City spinoff will undoubtedly have been far too busy obsessing over season 2's romance between Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) to jot down bedroom ideas.

This writer herself, in fact, was far too busy tweeting about whether the couple will go the distance before she realised that she'd accidentally stumbled upon some majorly modern bedroom decor inspiration in the form of a Scandi-chic bed... 

Woman looking at shoes on shelves in dark painted walk-in wardrobe

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And one available from IKEA, no less!

And Just Like That, and Carrie's IKEA bed

An undisputed fashion icon, when Carrie Bradshaw gives something her stamp of approval, you better believe we pay attention. 

So, while she and Aidan are technically renting their love nest from the ever-divisive Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez), Carrie's bed has rocketed its way to the top of our list of seriously romantic bedroom ideas.

Check it out:

Carrie's bed – aka the BJÖRKSNÄS king-size bed from IKEA – ticks off all of those classic Scandi interiors must-haves.

It's understated and minimalist, for starters, thanks to its light neutral colour palette. It's beautifully crafted, too – and, best of all, it is seriously functional. And not just because there’s plenty of space under the bed for storage boxes, either.

Oh no; we're far more interested in that unusual twist on the old fashioned cushioned headboard. It gives this cheap bedroom decor a certain je ne sais quois, no?

Buy Carrie's bed for yourself:

Carrie's bed has proven popular with the Ideal Home team, not least of all deputy editor Rebecca Knight, who really loves that aforementioned headboard.

'It looks really cool and modern,' she says. 

Cleverly, Rebecca adds that 'you could always hack that same effect using seat cushions if you want to choose an even cheaper bed frame.' 

Woman standing inside dark painted walk in wardrobe displaying clothes and shoes

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Rebecca is bang on the money with this idea: the KUDDARNA cushions (also available at IKEA) are just £7 a pop, and incredibly easy to tie onto a wooden or metal bed frame – even if it's a single bed. 

Which means, yes, you can get the Carrie effect, no matter your sleeping arrangements.

Still, we couldn't help but wonder: will Carrie's bed and its minimalist style win the hearts of Ideal Home readers, or will they prefer the maximalist bedroom trend favoured by Dawn French? Only time will tell, we suppose...

In the meantime, maybe it's worth giving your shoe storage a Carrie Bradshaw-worthy makeover, eh?

And Just Like That season 2 airs weekly every Thursday on Sky Comedy and NOW and on HBO Max in the US.

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