The best bedding colours to help you get to sleep, according to colour psychology

Make your bedding work harder when it comes to helping you drift off to sleep

Guest bedroom with bed layered in blue and pink blankets
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Choosing the best colour bedding for sleep involves choosing the shade that helps you feel the most relaxed and comfortable, but colour psychology can help a little with this.

Where once white bedding was the best bedding for any stylish bedroom idea, in the last year at Ideal Home we’ve spotted a growing trend towards people getting bolder with their bedding choices. We’ve seen the colourful mix-and-match bedding trend take off on Instagram thanks to bedding brands like Piglet in Bed and Bed Threads. Habitat has also been in on the action with its green gingham bedding going viral on Tiktok

These social media trends have been reflected in shopping stats too. Woolroom reported that it had seen increased sales in its cornflour and sage-coloured bedding, with its berry shade blanket also shooting up in popularity. It’s clear to see that we want colour to be our bedfellow in 2024, but are there some colours we should steer away from if we want a good night's sleep?

Best colour bedding to help you sleep

No studies have yet been done into the impact that different coloured bedding can have on sleep. However, according to colour psychologist Lee Chambers, just as there are more calming bedroom colours, there are also colours that will ‘promote relaxation, security and serenity,’ all key to helping you get a better night's sleep.

Lee Chambers
Lee Chambers

Lee Chambers is an Environmental Psychologist who speaks extensively about the psychological impact of colour on emotions and wellbeing. He is regularly featured across a range of publications and has been a colour expert for numerous multinational campaigns for established brands.

‘It's always worth remembering that our personal preference and the symbolism of colours play a part in how we interact with and perceive our bedding, so select a colour that works for you and ensure you have harmonious decor across your bedroom for an optimal sleep environment,’ recommends Lee. 

If you’re not sure what colour that might be for you, we’ve rounded up a couple of Lee’s suggestions of the best bedding colours to help you get that calm and relaxed feeling. 

1. Sky blue and soft greens

Habitat green gingham bedding set.

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Top of Lee’s list of the best colours for bedding is sky blue and soft greens. He explains ‘it is calming and reduces stimulation and soft greens, which promote a feeling of being grounded and in restful harmony. Genevieve Rosen-Billert, founder at Bed Threads also recommends these shades due to their connection with nature saying ‘they can also help us to feel calm and grounded’.

It helps that both of these shades are very popular bedroom trends at the moment. If you’ve already drenched your bedroom walls in one of these shades stick to that shade on your bedding for a cocooning feel.  Break up the colour by considering a blue stripe bedding or sage green gingham to add an extra dimension to your bedroom.

2. Lavender and lilac

purple bedding in a white bedroom

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Anyone who grew up in the 1990s or early 2000s will likely remember their childhood lilac bedrooms well. A grown-up, but feminine spin on pink, lavender and lilac is seeing a resurgence in popularity and it is a perfect bedroom colour scheme to extend to your bedding.

‘Lavender and lilac bring an element of tranquillity alongside a hint of warmth,’ explains Lee. To stop it from looking too sickly sweet (unless that’s your vibe) mix and match lavender and lilac bedding with navy or another neutral. Even just a peek of a pillowcase in navy underneath the lavender will add a sophisticated touch. 

3. Silver greys

Grey guest room

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Grey bedding is ideal for helping create a serene bedroom if colour isn’t your bag. Lee explains that ‘silver greys give a feeling of stability and being at ease.’ This shade can be blinged up with velvet and other luxurious finishes for a more glamorous boudoir. Alternatively, stick to organic materials for a rustic and calm retreat. 

4. Sandy tones

Terracotta bedroom with white bed

(Image credit: Fired Earth)

If you’re looking for a cosier environment look to earthy and sandy tones. While red has traditionally been seen as a colour that can make you feel anxious, however, if you’d like to add this shade to your room the bedding is a great place to opt for an earthy version of it like a terracotta. Mixed with sandy neutral shade it can be used to create a cosiness and peaceful connection with your environment.  


What colour bedding is best for sleep?

Sky blue and soft green is the best colour bedding to help you to drift off. However, this is based purely on colour psychology, not any scientific studies. The reason these shades are often recommended as the best shades to help you get to sleep is their close connection to nature, which is thought to help you feel grounded and encourage feelings of tranquillity.

What is the best colour bedroom for good sleep?

In a bedroom, the best colours for sleep are soft shades that echo nature, such as light blue, soft green and sandy neutrals. All these shades are believed by colour psychologists to promote feelings of calm and relaxation.

Obviously, when it comes to choosing the best bedding colour for your bedroom individual taste will be a huge factor. So always consider this first to help create a space you truly love.

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