Feng Shui expert reveals positioning your bed in this spot could be causing problems for your love life

It's not you, it's how your furniture is arranged

Bedroom with painted accent wall, blue toned bedding and decorative cushions, bedside table with flowers in vase
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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whether you've got plans or are simply declaring it the best Galentines yet, Feng Shui plays a bigger role in your love life than you may initially think.

Considering the bedroom has long been known as the place 'where the magic happens', it pays to use the ancient practice rooted in balance and harmony to your advantage – especially when deciding where to put a bed in a room. Little do you know, you're not actually the problem, but rather how your bedroom furniture is arranged.

Luckily, that's exactly what architect and Feng Shui expert, Cliff Tan, is here to tell us today. He is currently partnered with Bumble's Make Room for Romance campaign, offering advice on how to make a fresh start in their love lives, through the eyes of Feng Shui. According to him, there's a chance that you've fallen foul of a bedroom design mistake that is keeping you from good graces within love and relationships.

Bedroom with painted accent wall, blue toned bedding and decorative cushions, bedside table with flowers in vase

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Cliff Tan
Cliff Tan

Cliff Tan is an architect, published author and feng shui practitioner. He started Dear Modern, a practice and social media platform aimed at educating and sharing the principles of Feng Shui with a wider audience. Born in Singapore, he moved to the United Kingdom in 2010 and graduated from the Architectural Association, School of Architecture in London. He is most widely known for his ability to plan and optimise awkward spaces using the principles of Feng Shui.

According to recent research from Bumble, they've found that 42% of people are more motivated to go after what they want in relationships. However, with a change in attitude towards your love life should also come a shift in your living space to accommodate it.

'There are many Feng Shui elements making your room less suitable for love,' begins Cliff. 'One thing to remember when it comes to relationships is it's all about balance. For example, the most basic thing is to have space on both sides of your bed: two bedside tables and two table lamps.'

You heard that, folks? That means no beds pushed up against a wall during the time you're looking for love – and honestly, even more so if you're already sharing a bedroom with a partner. If you want to get lucky in love, Cliff suggests keeping your bed in the middle of the room. He demonstrates this visually in this TikTok video.

Painted bedroom with pink bedding on cane bedframe, dresser, bedside table

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'Space on both sides represents the two channels to enter the bed, representing two people and balance.' This signifies a space for someone else there. He continues, 'Even for a single person, if you have a bedroom layout like this, you'll see it looks pretty and balanced, reminding you that someone should fill that space.'

Better yet, improving your home's Feng Shui (and ultimately, your love life) really is as simple as rearranging furniture accordingly. So, if your boudoir requires a well-deserved rejig, consider moving your bed keeping those 'two channels' on either side in mind.

Bedroom with pink, orange, and blue accent feature wall, bed and bedside table with pink table lamp

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Alternatively, if you've got a small bedroom and really can't place your bed in the centre, you can still keep it in the corner pushed against a wall and instead have items to represent space for two.

'Instead of having a single armchair in your bedroom, replace it with a loveseat that can fit two people. When you're sat on it and see the empty space, you can visually place another person there,' explains Cliff.

Bedroom with navy blue panelled feature wall, bed with blue decorative cushions, and wooden dresser table

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While you're configuring your bed position, Cliff also advises you to consider another Feng Shui-approved addition to your sleeping space: a Love Corner.

The Love Corner in Feng Shui is usually a corner deep inside the room away from the entrance, filled with things that traditionally represent love – and the key thing to remember is that it should always be visible from your bed.

Consider filling it with flowers, pink and red motifs, and 'cliche' things you may associate with love. 'What's most important is whatever you put in your love corner makes you think of the sweetness of love,' concludes Cliff.

Cliff Tan is taking part in the Make Room for Romance campaign with Bumble, to help people have a fresh start in their love lives.

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