Kate Hudson's bedroom nails this moody, anti-quiet luxury trend that blends opulence and comfort

The Knives Out star's boudoir decor screams moody maximalism

Kate Hudson
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Dark maximalism is an increasingly welcomed interior trend in our homes, embracing a moody and Art Deco aesthetic that exudes luxury – and seeing actress Kate Hudson pioneering this alternative bedroom trend undercutting the usual quiet luxury look is giving us all the feels.

The Knives Out star took to Instagram to share with fans how she's decorated her home for the holidays, giving us a glimpse into her gorgeous boudoir which embraces a moodier bedroom colour scheme and dark bedroom lighting accents.

'Kate's boudoir decor screams moody maximalism with her use of rich textures beneath the towering gothic candelabrum,' begins design consultant, Eleanor Taylor-Roberts. 'Kate has achieved this aesthetic through considered layering, harmoniously fusing exaggerated opulence with comfort.'

Kate's bedroom is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and we can't help but be all eyes on her grand chandelier and fringed Art Deco-inspired lampshades – she's even brought in the slogan homeware trend with her choice of throw pillows.

The space achieves its purpose in generating depth and ambience, without being too much as some maximalist design choices can sometimes be.

'The dark maximalism trend can look extremely sophisticated and elegant if it is executed correctly,' says Sahar Saffari, senior designer at Hi-Spec Design.

Sahar Saffari
Sahar Saffari

Senior designer, Sahar Saffari has worked at Hi-Spec Design for over 17 years. She studied Fine Art and Architecture in Tehran. She was also a lecturer of History and Drawing at two universities before moving to the UK in 2004. She spends a lot of time in Spain, which helps with her creative work.

'You should have a colour palette to work from, for example, you don't want to only have black walls, black furniture, and black accessories,' continues Sahar, 'instead, you can contrast between greys, blacks, dark woods, and gold or brass accessories.' Just as Kate has done in her bedroom design.

Eleanor continues, 'Opting for jewel-toned hues such as a deep emerald or ruby – adjacent to classic gold accents – is an effective mechanism of injecting a dark maximalist wave into the home.'

Purple bedroom, double bed with large brown headboard, pendants, dark bedside tables.

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'Veer towards velvets versus more standard fabric choices, and embrace high culture – musical scores, treasures accumulated from travels, collectable artworks and literature instantly add a pop of enchantment to a space,' assures Eleanor.

All the above is almost akin to the dark Victorian decor trend, which champions the use of vintage-inspired decor and a heavy focus on the use of dark wood within interiors.

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Sahar continues, 'The great thing about using darker wood is that it brings warmth into a space, and with any darker room, you can risk the space looking uninviting.'

Therefore, it's no wonder we're so in awe at Kate Hudson's bedroom as it nails the concept of both moody and cosy themes coexisting within one space.

It looks lived-in, inviting, and exactly what we ought to keep on our radar as far as cosy festive bedroom designs go.

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