Sarah Jessica Parker's dresser display is a masterclass in chic and subtle Christmas decor – experts say it 'epitomises luxury'

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, especially during the festive season

Sarah Jessica Parker
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Sarah Jessica Parker has long been the 'It girl', pioneering some of the hottest trends in fashion. We've noticed she's showing the same sharp eye for her interiors, most recently with her understated festive decorations.

On Instagram, the Sex and the City star shared a snap of her dresser adorned with crystals, glass ornaments and iridescent lights. It's a subtle take on Christmas bedroom decor that exudes pared-back elegance.

'Sarah has opted for a delicate and chic bedroom dresser display that epitomises luxury by combining a mixture of timeless mirrored and glass ornaments paired with beautiful iridescent fairy lights,' says Margaret Larson at Sustainable Furniture. 'The display is simple yet effective, containing only a handful of ornaments.'

Sarah Jessica Parker's Christmas dresser display

This look is all about careful curation. 'By combining fairy lights alongside reflective surfaces, it creates the illusion of a much more complex display due to the bouncing light that adds a magical feel throughout the space,' continues Margaret.

And the relaxation factor is taken up a notch with SJP also embracing the crystal home decor trend.

Dark wood dresser in bedroom with lamp and decor displayed on top with round circle mirror on wall

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Why it works

'Aesthetically, crystals are like jewellery for the home – precious, personal and impactful,' comments Georgia Metcalfe, founder and creative director of luxury bedroom specialists, French Bedroom. 'Beyond that, they not only refract gentle light levels but are known to also have healing and energising powers, too.'

We've all heard that diamonds are a girl's best friend, and if they can also contribute towards our calm bedroom ideas, you can definitely count us in.

How to emulate SJP's dresser display

'Unlike the playfully mismatched decorative items placed around the house for the family to enjoy, a dresser is a personal space that can be decorated with class and interior flair,' says Stephany Aubrey, brand specialist at home and sleep brand, Zinus.

'Create the same effect in your home by incorporating glossy and reflective surfaces,' adds Margaret. 'Not only does this make your display appear luxurious but when combined with light it will illuminate your space.' This is exactly what SJP has done with her considered juxtaposition of mirror, crystal and glass, along with an elegant ceramic table lamp.

Dark wood dresser in bedroom decorated with home furnishings, armchair, next to tall windows

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'Remember, understated is better so only use a small array of ornaments and ensure that they are delicately designed with small and intricate details that glisten light in a unique form,' continues Margaret.

'Clever use of a mirror, as Sarah has done, will ensure maximum impact for light refraction,' adds Georgia.

Finding your own path when it comes to creating a feeling of calm is also essential when curating your dresser display like Sarah Jessica Parker. Crystals may not be right for everyone, and there are other plenty of other methods to bring calm into the room such as scented candles, pillow sprays, diffusers, bedroom plants, and you chosen colour scheme.

Fluted oak dresser with plants and home decor furnishings displayed, gallery wall

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Finally, nailing the lighting is the key to tying your dresser display decor together. Consider a chic LED ornament as Sarah Jessica Parker has opted for, or try a subtle and dainty fairy light idea.

We've already seen the impact of fairy lights in Nigella Lawson's kitchen, and they're a perfect way to bring the beauty of your glass and mirrored ornaments alive, in true twinkly festive fashion.

And Just Like That, you're sporting your very own SJP-approved dresser top for the holidays.

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