'I don't think they get talked about enough' – the underrated bedroom colour scheme Sophie Robinson loves

Calming colour schemes don't only consist of blues and greens...

Pink panelled bedroom wall with bed with light pink bedding, bedside table, dresser
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Colour expert and interior stylist, Sophie Robinson, shares her two cents on soothing colours we should consider in a bedroom colour scheme that, spoiler alert, aren't green or blue – and it may be surprising to some.

When we think of calming paint colours for a bedroom, it's unsurprising that greens and blues often instantly come to mind. We associate these hues with this natureluxe feeling that's also been extremely prominent in the 'coastal cowgirl' aesthetic, which had its moment among the hottest home decor trends.

Following all of this, it's a given that any colours associated with natural elements are synonymous with harbouring 'calming' or 'soothing' characteristics.

Relaxed Scandi style bedroom with pale pink walls, blue and darker pink bedding and wood bedside table with black accent anglepoise lamp

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But what if these hues are simply not your cup of tea or you just want to switch things up with a new paint trend that doesn't compromise on everything good that comes from a calm bedroom configuration?

The underrated calming bedroom colour scheme that isn't blue or green

When talking to Ideal Home, we asked interior design guru Sophie Robinson about other calming colour schemes to consider that aren't your typical blues and greens, to which she starts, 'Soft, chalky pinks. I don't think they get talked about enough.'

Sophie Robinson sitting on sofa
Sophie Robinson

Sophie is an undisputed colour queen and tour de force in the interior design industry with over 20 years of experience in all things interiors. She was also a guest judge on BBC2's The Great Interior Design Challenge.

Bedroom with pink wallpaper and teal bedding

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'I think there is such a reaction to the word 'pink' as we've obviously got 'Barbiecore' and everything else going on at the moment bringing pink right back to those neon magentas,' she explains.

'When I say 'pink' a lot of people go straight to the Barbie pink and go, 'No, I absolutely hate pink', but we also know that pink has a really soft, chalky quality as well. You have to understand that colour has lots of different tones.'

White panelled bedroom with bed with pink and patterned bedding

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'A soft, chalky pink will be really restful,' assures Sophie. 'It's warmer than the blues and the greens, and again, in this country where we have really chilly winters, it's sometimes nice to have a pinky beige on the walls.'

'Chocolate tones along with that can look really nice,' she adds. And we agree. The brown paint micro trend is having a bit of a moment right now and when paired with this soft, chalky pink Sophie is raving about, you've got an utterly delicious bedroom paint idea on your hands.

Pink panelled bedroom wall with bed with light pink bedding, bedside table, dresser

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

This is why choosing the best pink paint varies depending on what you're looking for, especially if you're looking to take Sophie's advice and sport a softer pink bedroom, after all.

'Chocolate and pink are yummy together,' concludes Sophie. 'So, I think we should talk about pink a bit more.'

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