The 5 things you should remove from your bedroom to make it feel more calm and spacious

Needless clutter and certain decor choice can make rooms feel smaller - here’s what you might want to subtract from your sleeping space

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Our bedrooms should always be calming, peaceful spaces, given that their primary purpose is a place for us to sleep and unwind in. However, there could well be items – and certain decor – within your bedroom that may be damaging its zen vibe.

Spacious bedroom ideas – as well as rooms free of clutter – are known to promote a more relaxed feel, which is all we really want from the place we lay our heads at night. And that's why it makes sense to get rid of anything that may be disrupting this sense of relaxation, and space, in our bedrooms.

In fact, experts suggest that there are a few common things you should actually remove from your bedroom as soon as possible, in order to make it feel more spacious, and less overwhelming.

5 things to remove from your bedroom

1. Desks

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In a post-Covid era, where many of us favour working from home, home office-style desks in bedrooms have become commonplace. 

But if you want your bedroom to feel double its size, and are aiming for a better night’s sleep, it may be a good idea to get rid of yours. Not only is a desk in your bedroom going to make it harder for you to switch off at the end of the working day, but it's also taking up valuable space where more personal items could sit.

While some of us will have no choice but to have a desk in our bedroom (in which case, there are ways to make it work), for those who can put it elsewhere, it's a decision you might thank yourself for.

2. Excess furniture

Similarly, an easy way to make a bedroom feel smaller is to overload it with too much extra furniture, be it bookcases, chest of drawers or side tables – particularly if these pieces are more decorative than functional.

As such, experts suggest removing these additional pieces if possible, and relocating them elsewhere/donating them.

Amy Walden, an holistic interior design expert and founder of Thrive by Design, explained, 'You really shouldn’t need much more than a bed and wardrobe in your room. Limit anything else to a comfy chair to read a book or bedside tables.' In doing so, you'll also have more available floor space, which will make the room feel much larger.

3. Bold patterns and colours

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Our bedrooms should be all about tranquillity - after all, it's where we go for the ultimate slice of rest and relaxation. And one thing that can have the opposite effect are loud, bold patterns and bright, disruptive bedroom colours, especially if you struggle with sleep. 

Rachel Marshall, Brand Manager at Bensons for Beds, explained that these sort of items should be removed if you want a feeling of more space. 'Simplify your colour palette,' she said. "Try to keep colours on interior walls calming and neutral, to promote better sleep as well as make the space feel less cluttered.

'Also, sticking to a single colour can help to create a feeling of space, as there are no contrasts to interrupt the shades.'

That doesn't mean you need to remove your wall decor, though. Amy said, 'Restful artwork can help to create ambience. Biophilic motifs such as plants, leaves or flowers, or natural and organic patterns are the most soothing for the bedroom. 

'Avoid heavy ornamentation or patterns and colours which might energise, rather than soothe you.'

4. Piles of clothes

This one is pretty self-explanatory – and we're probably all guilty of it to an extent – but piles of clothing littering our bedroom floors will only cause us to feel less relaxed in our bedrooms. 

Not only that, but this sort of clutter will also make the room feel smaller. Get rid of it by ensuring every item has a place, be it in a wardrobe, chest of drawers, or clothes rail.

5. Excessive bedding

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We all love a decorative pillow here and there, but if you want your bedroom to feel more spacious, you may have to say goodbye. 

'Get rid of excessive bedding and cushions in your bedroom,' Rachel says. 'You want to strike the balance between dressing your bed so it feels stylish, but not stifling the room with too many throws, blankets, and cushions. 

'Instead, try stripping back your bedding to the essentials and opt for a more minimalist look.' Why not try just one simple throw blanket and one solo throw pillow?


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