This is where your guest room should be in your home, according to Feng Shui experts

Ensure a harmonious, balanced, and welcoming stay for guests

Neutral bedroom with marble bedside table
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Knowing where to put a guest room for Feng Shui is an important bout of knowledge we all ought to be clued up on ahead of the hosting season as it can harness positive energy, or 'chi', and create a nurturing environment.

Although most times it's easiest to simply offer guests the room that is typically used as a storage facility for most parts of the year, Feng Shui experts are saying that the area of your home you use can either make or break your guests' stay and experience.

Therefore, while it may be tempting to immediately get a head start on your budding guest bedroom ideas, be warned that if you act prematurely and choose it wrong, you may end up having made a significant guest bedroom design mistake right from the get-go.

That's why we've grilled Feng Shui experts to share their expertise to ensure your guests enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay.

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Where to put a guest bedroom for good Feng Shui

'When guests come to stay, the least we can offer them is a warm welcome, a comfortable bed, accessible bathroom facilities, and privacy,' begins Feng Shui consultant, Lorraine Lewis. This includes preparing them a thoughtful guest basket or striving to make a guest room feel like a hotel.

'But if they are to truly enjoy their stay, and for the experience to be positive and stress-free for everyone in the home, it's worth giving thought to the space you provide using the ancient principles of Feng Shui, that is even more relevant today.'

Lorraine Lewis
Lorraine Lewis

Lorraine Lewis is a feng shui consultant and teacher with over 30 years of experience. She spent four years training in the practice of both Traditional Chinese Feng Shui (Compass) and Intuitive and Black Hat Feng Shui. She is also trained in Space Clearing, Nine Star Ki (Feng Shui astrology) and Geopathic Stress (earth energies).

Lorraine combines the ancient theory with the needs of modern living and work spaces to deliver feng shui consultancy that is relevant, timely and supportive of people's lives today.

'The idea of Feng Shui is to enhance the flow of positivity in any environment,' continues Lorraine.

'By following a few simple principles, we can create comfortable, useable spaces that are suitable for the function of the room, and happily influence the people who spend time there. In this case, we want our guests to have a relaxing enjoyable stay, and yet feel able to interact with the rest of the household.'

Luckily, knowing where to put a guest room for good Feng Shui is not as tricky as you may think and simply boils down to considering just a handful of important factors.

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1. Consider function, privacy, and sound

'Let's start with the ideal location of your guest room within the building,' begins Lorraine. 'Each room in your home, with its particular function, requires a specific energy to work well and enhance feelings of well-being for the user. You wouldn't want the same energy in your kitchen as your study, for example.'

Therefore, from a practical standpoint, you can first consider the privacy and independence of your guests as well as other factors such as sound.

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'Avoiding placement near noisy or high-traffic areas contributes to a peaceful atmosphere and encourages restful sleep,' continues Lorraine. 'By positioning the guest room away from disturbances, you ensure that your guests can enjoy a peaceful retreat within your home.'

Alternatively, if this isn't something you can control, there are also plenty of ways to soundproof a bedroom to help your guests sleep better.

She assures, 'Placing the guest room in a secluded yet accessible area allows visitors to enjoy a sense of independence while still feeling connected to the home, and the people who live there.'

2. Refer to Feng Shui's 'Bagua' map

After first considering privacy, sound, and the existing functions of the rooms in your home, you can really get into the ins and outs of Feng Shui. So, stick with us.

'Feng Shui principles give us a beautiful map or diagram called a Bagua. When imposed over the floor plan of our property in a particular way, this helps us locate and identify various energy types, often called Feng Shui aspects,' explains Lorraine.

'One of these aspects relates to the energies known as helpful people. This relates to happy coincidences, the kindness of strangers, and travel, making it an ideal location for a guest room.'

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'Placing your guest room in this aspect attracts supportive influences, facilitates smooth journeys and brings the energy of positivity to visitors and others living in the house.'

To locate the 'helpful people' aspect, stand at your doorway facing into your home (if you live in a one-storey flat) or at the very top step of your staircase. The room to the far right right on the front wall of the property will hold the energy of 'helpful people'.

3. Embrace the relationship energy of the southwest

Alternatively, you can further embrace the principles of Feng Shui and follow the ancient system of 'Ba Zhai' to figure out where to put a guest bedroom.

'If feasible, follow the ancient system of Ba Zhai to select a guest room in the southwest of your home, measured from the geometric centre of the home – you can use the compass on your phone to find this,' advises Zoë Vita James, Feng Shui practitioner for Open Space Concepts.

'This will help nurture healthy relationships with your guests during their stay, and a feeling of connectedness and calm.'

Zoe Vita James
Zoë Vita James

Zoë Vita James is a classically trained feng shui practitioner and associate of the IFSA UK Chapter who, from her background in banking and science, brings precision, empathy and an appreciation for beauty to her work.

Neutral bedroom with marble bedside table

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Zoë continues, 'The southwest is even more helpful this current month, of December 2023 (the solar month of the Wood Rat, running until 6th January 2024), with the cycling monthly energy bringing both romantic and creative support to this space, and particularly to female guests who may be staying here.'

'You can encourage this further by adding a healthy potted houseplant to this southwest room, just for this month.'

What's more, aside from just guest bedrooms, this is also an easy way to improve Feng Shui in your home in less than 24 hours.

4. Make the most of beautiful views

While bedroom plant ideas are sure to promote good Feng Shui, you mustn't disregard the impact of outdoor views.

'Beautiful views from a room are also important, as this not only delights your guest but also activates the fortuitous energy in a room,' assures Zoë. 'Make the most of lovely views from your windows, by drawing your eye to the outside, for example by using attractive blinds or curtains, a vase of flowers or other attractive objects on the windowsill.'

'If, however, the view is less than desirable, and/or there are things pointing at the room from outside, such as a neighbour’s roof, streetlight or imposing tree, install voile blinds or curtains,' advises Zoë.

'These not only provide privacy for your guest, but by keeping them closed daylight will still filter in at the same time as healing any 'san sha' (negative energy) from being stimulated,' – we've talked about this negative energy previously in both our round-up of Feng Shui interior trends to avoid as well as Feng Shui home design choices to skip out on.

Neutral and pink bedroom with gold rimmed mirror, houseplant, armchair

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5. Consider the Feng Shui principle of balance

'The guest room's location also intersects with the Feng Shui principle of balance,' adds Lorraine. 'Placing the guest bed against a solid wall with a view of the door and windows provides a sense of support and security, always ideal when sleeping in an unfamiliar space.'

In fact, this same principle of balance can be said for where to place an outdoor corner sofa – always against a wall where possible.

Lorraine continues, 'Balancing the elements within the room, such as incorporating natural materials and soft colours, contributes not only aesthetically but also to the overall easy atmosphere that is essential for positive energy flow,' – which is something to think about when decorating a guest room.

Panelled bedroom wall, bed with white bedding, black bedside dresser

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'The importance of the correct location of a guest room in Feng Shui extends beyond aesthetics,' concludes Lorraine. 'It becomes a thoughtful consideration that aligns with the principles of balance, positive energy flow, and the desire to create a welcoming space for guests.'

'By embracing these principles, you will not only enhance the well-being of your visitors but also encourage harmonious and balanced energy throughout the entire home.'

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