How to make a guest room feel like a hotel - 8 ways to instantly add five-star luxury to a spare room

Warning: your guests might not want to leave

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If you’re wondering how to make a guest room feel like a hotel, you’re asking yourselves the right questions. Adding luxury touches and high-end additions will instantly upgrade your spare bedroom while also making your hosting skills the envy of your whole family. 

When you’ve brought the best guest bedroom ideas to life, making this room as comfortable and as plush as possible should be the next task on your list - especially if you love to host family and friends over Christmas. This way, your guests can enjoy a home away from home, and you can enjoy hosting the ultimate hotel experience. 

To help you make your guest bedroom more special, we’ve asked the experts to share their top tips on turning your guest bedroom into a hotel. However, we can’t guarantee that your guests will check out willingly…

How to make a guest room feel like a hotel

Hosting can feel like a chore, but a stunning guest bedroom can do all of the hard work for you when designed correctly. With special touches and hotel-like additions, you can make your guest bedroom feel like a hotel and give your guests the ultimate VIP experience. This is how. 

1. Think about fragrance

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Scent plays a huge part in our lives. Not only can certain smells bring back memories, but some scents can calm you down or perk you up. This is something that hotels often use to their advantage, with many even having their own ‘signature’ scent that you’ll only ever associate with that place. 

So, thinking about fragrance and adding a signature scent to your guest bedroom is one of the best ways to make it feel plush and luxurious. How you do this is up to you, but at Ideal Home, we’re huge fans of the best candles and the best reed diffusers.

Margaret Larson from Sustainable Furniture agrees. She says, ‘Diffusers create a luxurious feel by providing a continuous pleasant aroma throughout your guest bedroom. I recommend opting for a crisp and natural scent to make the space feel clean and fresh.’ 

2. Provide a guest basket

Welcome grey tray

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If you’ve stayed in a high-end hotel, you may have been greeted with a guest basket that was full of all kinds of goodies. This exciting trend has now made its way out of the hotels and into the average home - and there are so many guest basket ideas to choose from. 

These guest baskets aim to make your guests feel at home while offering them a slice of luxury at the same time. You may opt for a pamper hamper that’s full of hand soaps and face masks, you could choose to make a sleep essentials basket, or you could fill your guests’ stomachs with delicious local foods.

Ultimately, what you include in a guest basket is your choice - but we have no doubts that they’ll appreciate it. 

3. Opt for high-quality sheets

Bedroom with padded pink velvet bedstead, light blue velvet chair and cotton bedding in pastel shades on pale green panelled walls

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‘Whenever you think of hotels, it’s often the bedding that stands out,’ says Camilla Lesser, Property Manager at Essential Living. And one of the best ways to make a guest room feel like a hotel is to focus on the bedding. After all, your guests will spend more time in bed than anywhere else in the room, so choosing the right bedding is key. 

If you want to follow in the footsteps of 5-star hotels, you need to know where to buy bedding and what type of bedding to buy. Rachael Shah from Linen Connect explains, ‘It’s best to go for a clean white minimal look as most 5-star hotels stick to crisp white, and include an extra flat sheet between the sheet and the duvet - giving guests the option of how they like to be tucked up.’

David Stockton, Head of Ecommerce and Marketing at Richard Haworth agrees that high-quality sheets are the way to go. 'Most importantly, the five-star experience is mainly down to getting a great night's sleep. In order to truly replicate that hotel feeling, impossibly fluffy pillows, quality duvets, and crisp white bed linen will transform your guest room into a sleeping sanctuary.'

4. Remove clutter

Double bed with grey headboard, grey, orange and cream bedding and throws, painted floorboard, natural rug and walls

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Clutter can instantly make a space feel cheap and crowded, which is not what people want from a high-end hotel. And while guest bedrooms can typically be used as the ‘junk room,’ this is something you’ll want to change before you start hosting guests. 

Poppy Duffree from Organised Interiors explains, ‘If you want that 'hotel' feel, remove your personal items and any clutter, leaving a calm, welcoming space with neutral linen and accessories.’

It’s always a good idea to remove this clutter from the whole room, including any cabinet tops or windowsills, wardrobes, drawers, and floors. Think about what you expect when you walk into a hotel, and focus on keeping the room completely empty aside from the furniture and the luxury touches. 

If you need a little extra help in this department, follow a decluttering checklist to make the job a little easier to tackle.

5. Make a spa bathroom

black bathroom with plants

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A hotel bathroom is just as important as the bedroom itself, which is why you also need to focus on the bathroom if you want to make a guest bedroom feel like a hotel. This can be done by bringing some spa bathroom ideas to life. But don’t worry, you don’t have to completely remodel your bathroom in preparation for guests. 

Margaret says, ‘For guest bedrooms with an ensuite, create a spa-like feel by providing rolled-up flannels, high-quality fragranced soaps and hand cream. These small details go a long way in providing a luxurious feel to your guest bathroom.’

If your guests will be using your main family bathroom, you can do the same - and then you’ll be able to reap the rewards, too! 

6. Give them a coffee station

Tray of biscuits and coffee on bed

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For many, waking up in a hotel and pouring a hot cup of Joe is one of the best ways to start the day. And if you also cherish this moment in your own home, you might not want to deal with hosting before you’ve had your own hit of caffeine. 

That’s where coffee stations come into the picture. All you need is a small amount of space to bring a coffee station to life, and then you can add in the best coffee machine, some coffee (whether that be ground coffee, coffee beans, or pods), a couple of mugs, sugar, and a few toppings if you want to really up the ante. ‘Individually wrapped biscuits can also help add to the 5-star guest experience,’ adds Poppy. 

If your guest isn’t a coffee drinker, you could opt for a hot chocolate station instead. Or you could give them their own personal mini-bar!

7. Offer them storage

Bedroom storage shelves in blue panelled headboard

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Nobody likes living out of a suitcase, which is why so many people choose to unpack during a hotel stay. They hang their clothes in the wardrobe, and they pop their folded items into drawers. And if you’re looking to make a guest room feel like a hotel, why not give your guests similar storage options?

Of course, filling your guest or spare bedroom drawers with your out-of-season wardrobe or things you don’t use on a regular basis is a great way to keep them out of the way - but they should be removed when you have guests to stay. 

To stop your guests rifling through your winter cashmere or last year’s Christmas cards, temporarily put the contents of the drawers or cupboards that were in your guest bedroom elsewhere. Then, when your guests are gone, you can put them back. 

If you don’t have the space to do this, Poppy has offered an alternative. ‘Consider an item of furniture that's exclusively for guest use, ideally some hanging space and shelving, so that guests can unpack their clothing and feel at home.’

8. Add the little details

Bed with chair bedside table

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If you think about your favourite hotel, there’s probably a reason why you love it so much. Perhaps they deck out their rooms with beautiful artwork on the walls, maybe they pop a vase of freshly-cut flowers on the table, it may be that they have blackout curtains that actually block out the light, or it could be because they give you a pair of slippers and pop a spare toothbrush in the bathroom.

‘If you’re feeling extra boujee then a bathrobe can go a long way in adding a touch of luxury to your guests' stay. Robes are commonly provided as a small detail in hotels to make guests feel special and pampered,’ says Margaret. 

It’s little details like this that go a long way, and it’s this kind of mentality that will make your guest room feel like a hotel. In fact, sometimes, the smallest detail can turn a normal guest room into a luxurious escape. 


How can I make my guest room like a hotel?

Despite offering generic rooms that are identical for guest after guest, hotels manage to make every stay personal and exciting. A great way to do the same in your own guest bedroom is to focus on the senses. 

Sight: When decorating your guest bedroom, you can choose the home decor idea of your choosing. You could match the paint colours or the furniture to the rest of your house, or you could go rogue and opt for something completely different. Whatever you choose, make sure that the room itself is free from clutter and cohesive in terms of style. You should also try to keep personal items to a minimum.

Smell: Adding fragrance to your guest bedroom is one of the best ways to make it feel like a hotel. Scented candles and diffusers can do just that, but it’s important to get the scent just right. Opt for something calming and cosy rather than something too sickly sweet. 

Taste: No hotel room would be complete without a packet of biscuits or a few snacks in the fridge, so why not offer your guests the same thing? You could stock a guest basket full of local treats, or you could even add a coffee station to the room. Whatever the case, make sure your guests never go hungry. 

Touch: The difference between chain hotels and 5-star hotels lies in the small details, such as the choice of fabrics. If you want to make your guest room feel like a hotel, go for high-quality fabrics for your bedding and towels. This will instantly elevate the space and will be much nicer for your guests to use. 

How can I make my guest room more special?

Sometimes the smallest details can have the biggest impact on a guest room. These things are rarely big or expensive, but small extras that make an overnight experience more comfortable and enjoyable - such as a pair of slippers, freshly-cut flowers, extra toiletries, and space to store their belongings. 

‘You could also add a selection of books, magazines or, if there is space, a TV to make your guest feel more at home,’ says Camilla. ‘Thoughtful touches like water and glasses on the bedside table, along with fresh towels, travel-sized toiletries, and perhaps a small welcome basket filled with snacks, go a long way in ensuring your guest feels comfortable and cared for. 

‘You could also consider including a personalised note with your WiFi password and essential details about your home, similar to what you might find in a hotel.’

Happy hosting! 

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