Are you brave enough to spend Halloween night inside the Paris Catacombs?

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  • You can apply to spend the night amongst 6 million graves thanks to AirBnB

    How will you be spending Halloween? A frightfully fun night trick or treating and carving pumpkins?

    Or, how about bedding down amongst the dead in a Paris catacomb?

    AirBnB is offering two lucky (!) winners the chance to spend the night alone in the catacombs under the French capital – the resting place of six million people.

    On Saturday, October 31, the two winners will head underground to learn all about the labyrinth.

    After a meal and private concert, stories about the catacombs will be told by candle light before bed beckons – making the winners the first people ever to wake up inside the Paris catacombs.

    The ghostly experience is being offered a treat by the online site, which describes the catacombs as ‘an oasis of peace.’

    The online description reads:

    “We are the Paris Catacombs, the world’s largest grave with million of souls. Passionate history buffs, we enjoy sunsets, the company of deceased friends, and long walks under the city-specifically, 20 meters under the sewer and Metro.

    “For centuries, we’ve been an oasis of peace, silence, and permanent slumber for the Who’s Who of Paris, hosting celebrities like Francois Rabelais, Jean de la Fontaine, Charles Perrault, Lavoisier, and Robespierre.

    “We’ve even welcomed prestigious royal visitors, including Charles X, Francois 1er and even Napoleon the 3rd. Won’t you be our guest?”

    The site states there is a ‘real bed’
    provided for the winners, and under ‘house rules’ the listing says:

    “Pets not allowed. Anyway, there will already be a monster under your bed. Please respect the tranquility of your Parisian neighbors, living and dead. Do not forget your toothbrush and pajamas, especially if they glow in the dark.”

    If you’re brave enough to enter, tell AirBnB – before October 20 – why you deserve the experience of a lifetime.

    Happy Halloween!

    Photos: Airbnb/REX Shutterstock

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