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  • Technology doesn't have to dominate your entire living space

    Most living rooms contain a television and DVD or video, at the very least, with many of use having far more. As the TV is likely to be the biggest piece of technology in the room, begin by finding this a discreet home.

    If your room has an alcove, tuck the television into it so that it doesn’t intrude onto the floor area. Alternatively, pick a cupboard or wall unit so you can hide the TV away when it is not being used- a flat screen television has a huge advantage here, as you can go for a much less bulky piece of furniture to house it.

    If yours is a family house where the television is well used, concealing it may be unrealistic so add shelving above and around it with space for books and magazines, and it will become less dominant. A drawer unit nearby is also useful for a games console and games, so that they’re readily accessible when children want to play.

    Stereo systems are best kept in a unit to keep them dust free. Go for a purpose-made piece of furniture or adapt another design by removing the back to provide space for cabling.

    Throughout your room keep all the wires safe by using cable tidies- available from local hardware stores or shops such as Ikea and Argos

    Don’t overload electrical sockets- a qualified electrician can always fit more. Sockets set into the floor are also an option, preventing the sight of multiple wires hanging from the wall.

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