The essential spring-cleaning kit

We pick the right tools to make spring-cleaning a breeze

It’s the job we love to hate, but with the right tools, giving your home a spruce-up needn’t be a chore

Cleaning cloths

Designed to work without any cleaning products, these cloths have a static effect that attracts dust when dry. When wet, they clean all hard surfaces and they can be washed up to 300 times. E cloths, £13.99 each

Carpet cleaner

This dry cleaner is made up of tiny granules that absorb dirt. Sprinkle them onto the carpet, brush them in, then vacuum up. Dry carpet cleaner, £4.11, Natural & Clean

Feather duster

You can’t beat a traditional feather duster for a speedy clean on shelves, mirrors and tops of picture frames. Ostrich feather duster, £8, John Lewis

Oven cleaner

Mr Muscle oven cleaner removes fatty stains easily. Wearing rubber gloves, apply it to a cold oven, leave for 30 mins to two hours, then wipe. Mr Muscle oven cleaner, £1.88

Window cleaner

This smells great and wipes away instantly lifting off dirt and leaving a streak-free shine. Easy to use and eco friendly, too. Earth Friendly Window Kleener, £3.70, Natural Collection

All cleaning products from good supermarkets unless otherwise stated

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