Step inside this epic upside-down house

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  • Topsy-turvy Taiwanese home gets tourists in a twist

    A fully-furnished family home has just been built in Taipei.
    Sounds pretty average, right?

    What if we told you that this house was quite literally upside down?

    Everything from the front door to the furniture is upside down in this home that sits on its colourful roof.

    The pastel-painted property was designed by a team of Taiwanese architects and is now rooted (well, roofed) in the Huaschan Creative Park.

    As avid promoters of young artistic talent, members of the Taiwan Cultural-Creative Development Company devoted their time to renovating a disused warehouse and surrounding industrial park in Taipei. It now acts as a platform for local artists to showcase their epic projects.

    So what can you expect to find inside an upside-down house coated in blue, turquoise, pink, green and yellow paint? Well, pretty much everything you’d find in a regular family home – just turned on its head!

    The kitchen features a cooker, bar stools and a family table set with crockery and chair cushions, whilst the dining room even has fake steaks, corn and broccoli on the plates!

    The bedrooms are fitted with the usual – stuffed toys, alarm clocks, plants and lamps, and the bathroom has a toilet, sink and shower stuck to the ceiling.

    In fact, absolutely everything defies gravity and sticks to the ceiling. Well, except the staircase… visitors aren’t astronauts after all.

    The 3,230 square foot home opened last week and will remain on display for five months until July 22.

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