This clever hack transforms an £8 IKEA table lamp into designer-level decor

Instantly turn an IKEA classic into a custom piece

IKEA ACKJA table lamp on bedside table
(Image credit: Jen Rothbury (@crack_thes_shutters))

If you know us, then you'll know that we're never one to turn down an opportunity to elevate the look of an IKEA classic – and after spotting a hack on Instagram that turns an £8 lamp into something a smidge fancier with just a bit of spray paint and a frosted bulb, best believe you can sign us up.

We admittedly love an IKEA hack as much as the next person, even more so if it's easily achieved with little to no fuss. Well, DIY and homes Instagrammer, Jen Rothbury, just showed us how you can flip almost anything to better suit your personal interior style if you just have a little imagination.

When you see the before and after, you won't even believe it was the same lamp to begin with. Right on the nose with the latest lighting trends of the season, this is the next lighting hack you definitely need to try out at home.

That's right. The IKEA ACKJA table lamp was the starting point for this easy DIY project, in all its original chrome-plated glory. While its original form might be favourable for those sporting the metallic lamp trend that was predicted to be big in 2024, it's admittedly not to everyone's taste.

The bowl-shaped lamp base in metal is already advertised on IKEA's website as a lighting solution that you can transform into a small and personal table lamp with a decorative LED bulb of your choice.

However, Jen not only selected a bulb of her choice, but she also took it a step further by spray painting the base with a matte black finish, completely custom to her.

IKEA ACKJA table lamp on bedside table

(Image credit: Jen Rothbury (@crack_thes_shutters))

What you'll need

What resulted is a stunning bedroom lighting idea, which now sits perched on her fluted bedside table. Needless to say, we're in love and dare we say a tad envious that we don't have one for ourselves.

That being said, given how simple the process was, we're extremely tempted to try it at home to further elevate our home's lighting game.

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