Stacey Solomon has taken the maximalist approach to an extreme with her Christmas front door display

Maybe bigger is better after all...

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If there's anybody who loves Christmas, it's hands down got to be Stacey Solomon, queen of nifty DIYs and lover of all things interior at Pickle Cottage – and her extravagant Christmas doorscape has us all eyes.

With Christmas right around the corner, she's been going full-steam ahead with her DIY Christmas decor and documenting her antics on Instagram for all her fans to indulge in (us included), but we really think she's outdone herself with her latest festive front door display.

Let's just say our Christmas ideas certainly have some competition (okay, a lot of competition). Thanks for that, Stacey...

Stacey Solomon's Christmas front door display

Stacey took to Instagram over the weekend to showcase her larger-than-life Christmas front door display. Needless to say, she's easily earned the seal of approval from us, as she's brought a completely new meaning to holiday-inspired garlands and Christmas wreath ideas.

If you've been following the Sort Your Life Out star's recent DIY adventures (aren't we all), then you'll even be in for a little surprise to see that her giant nutcracker creations and seemingly 'failed' giant Christmas bells have made their home as a part of Pickle Cottage's festive doorscape.

It's official: if there's one way we had to sum up all of Stacey Solomon's DIY Christmas decor endeavours, it's that she is certainly partial to supersizing virtually everything.

But of course, we're not mad about it. In fact, we think it adds to her festive decor all the more because if someone ought to jumbo-size everything, it's no surprise that it would be Stacey. Dare we declare her the face behind this larger-than-life maximalist approach for the holidays?

Stacey Solomon's Christmas front door display has since received over 5.2 million views and 175,000 likes – and counting – with an overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans, proving that perhaps bigger is better.

Pale green front door with a Christmas wreath, lanterns with candles either side, a sled on the doorstep with parcels wrapped in brown papers and ribbons

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Fellow home and DIY-obsessed influencer, Mrs Hinch, even shared some festive appreciation in Stacey's comments, poking fun at the TV star writing that she loves it, 'bells included' (if you know, you know). We can certainly take something out of Mrs Hinch's book as well when it comes to decorating for the season, such as her favourite Christmas bauble candles.

The countdown to December is on, meaning it's only a matter of time before it's full steam ahead for many of us to put up the tree and welcome in nothing less than the best of the holiday festivities.

So, best believe we'll be keeping a close eye on whatever Stacey has brewing next.

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