This rustic H&M lantern is an amazing dupe of The White Company's – but for a fraction of the price

It would make for the ideal accompaniment to your outdoor dining and relaxing this summer…

The White Company jute candle holder outside next to seating
(Image credit: The White Company)

The sun is finally starting to peek its head out from behind the clouds, so now is exactly the time to start thinking about how we want our outdoor spaces to look before we get to spending all of our summer evenings out there.

Of course, having the best garden furniture you can find is important. But the thing that really helps to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere within our outside space is garden lighting ideas.

When the sun sets and the evening starts to darken, you don’t necessarily want to have to immediately head inside, which is why candles are the ultimate accompaniment to spring and summer evenings, in our eyes. 

Luckily for those who are keen to accessorise their outdoor spaces on a budget, we’ve just found the perfect candle holder for styling the space at H&M - and it’s an incredible dupe for a candle lantern that's far more expensive at The White Company.

If you’re looking to create a rustic, Italian-inspired feel in your garden or on your balcony this summer (and spring), a jute candle lantern is a stunning accessory to help you achieve this.

These woven accessories not only add a touch of traditional charm to what might otherwise be a slightly empty and uninspiring space, but they also guarantee a charming pop of light and warmth – which will likely be especially welcome as the sun goes down (and the party continues!)

The White Company are currently selling their own version of a jute candle lantern which they explain is crafted by hand and comes with a glass hurricane to pop your tall candle in.

Made with jute, paper and metal, the tightly woven design oozes luxury and would add a serious touch of style and elegance to any outdoor space. However, this comes at a cost, as the candle holder is on sale for £45.

The White Company jute candle holder on the floor

(Image credit: The White Company)

It’s not an extortionate amount, but during the current cost of living crisis, saving every penny we can certainly helps – so we were obviously delighted to find a brilliant dupe for this stylish outdoor accessory at H&M!

H&M are also currently selling a candle holder made of woven seagrass in a stunning beige colour, for a fraction of the cost of The White Company’s. The similarities between the two products are clear to see, with each item exuding seaside glamour with their rustic designs.

However, the H&M candle holder is currently on sale for £21.25, reduced from the original price of £24.99, making it even more of a steal, and less than 50% of the price of The White Company’s product.

H&M rustic candle holder on a ledge next to a cushion

(Image credit: H&M)

H&M's lantern also comes with a glass hurricane in which to safely place your candle, as well as a handle to allow you to transport the candle holder mid-use, or before or prior to lighting your candle, similarly to The White Company’s.

The brand don't strictly say that the lantern is for outdoor use, but it would work brilliantly outdoors on a cool, dry night (though we wouldn't advise leaving either lantern outside in all weathers).

While you might argue that The White Company’s jute candle holder looks slightly more premium, we’d argue that for the chance to save over 50% of its purchase price, the H&M holder looks incredibly similar, and makes for a fantastic dupe!

So will you be picking this H&M piece up to adorn your garden with this spring and summer? With 15% off it’s original price, it may well be wise to pick it up sooner rather than later too, before it sells out...


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