This Wilko Kamado BBQ has that Big Green Egg energy - but it's £745 cheaper

Plus, it's perfect for small gardens

Wilko Ceramic Carbon BBQ on pink graphic background
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We've all been a bit slow to get started with summer this year thanks, in no small part, to the uncooperative weather, so it wouldn't be a surprise if you haven't yet got your BBQ sorted.

If you're ready to go and find the best BBQ for you, then it would be well worth your time to bear in mind that the Ceramic Carbon Oven from Wilko is currently reduced to £74.99. Since it typically retails at £159.99, that means you'll get a hefty £85 off if you buy while this deal is live and kicking.

Even without the discount, this BBQ would have no doubt jumped out at us, as this might well be the cheapest egg BBQ we've seen and it's got serious Big Green Egg vibes.

The Wilko Kamado BBQ deal

This steal of a BBQ is a budget-friendly dupe of the Minimax Big Green Egg, which currently goes for £820. That means this option is an incredible £745 cheaper right now.

The Wilko Kamado BBQ is the ideal solution for adding this icon style of the best charcoal BBQs to your space, especially if you're working with a small garden thanks to its compact dimensions.

It's got a built-in thermometer to help you control the temperature within as well as check on what you're cooking, whether you're using it to grill, sear, roast or even slow cook. Plus, you don't have to use charcoal, as it can also run on other fuels including wood chops and pellets.

Wilko Ceramic Carbon Oven

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The versatility of how the BBQ can cook means that this is unlikely to be put away after the summer. The cult Kamados are known for being used year-round and favoured by chefs and celebs alike, with names such as Tom Kerridge and David Beckham all known for their love of the Big Green Egg.

Plus, as it can take such a wide variety of fuels (which can all help imbue your dishes with different flavours, dontcha know), it'll be a lot harder to be stuck with no options, unlike when you've run out of canisters for your best gas BBQ. Not to mention that if budget's on your mind, you can use whichever compatible fuel is currently going for cheapest. That's a big win.

Wilko Ceramic Carbon BBQ on pink graphic background

(Image credit: Future)

While we haven't tested it ourselves, the Wilko Kamado BBQ has specs and visuals match up pretty closely with the LANDMANN GillChef Mini Kamado that we loved.

The LANDMANN was tested by our BBQ expert, Molly Cleary. 'This BBQ is a total bargain and for the price, I'd recommend anyone looking for a smaller Kamado-style BBQ on a budget to invest,' she said. And that was with it being £10 more expensive than the Wilko option would be at full price.

If you had been swayed by the LANDMANN then you wouldn't be in luck as it's currently sold out with no return date announced, so a trip to Wilko will be your best bet for the season ahead. And if it is a soggy summer? Pfft, when has that stopped Brits from a good ol' BBQ anyway?!

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