The Home Edit just shared their secrets with us on how to organise appliances in a kitchen

'You get the item or you get the space, but you don’t get both.'

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There's no storage problem that the American organisers to the stars The Home Edit can't fix - their hit Netflix show and hugely popular Instagram account are proof enough of that. If it's easy ways to organise your life you're looking for, then this duo has it covered.

Following their collaboration with fan-favourite brand Ruggable, we spoke to The Home Edit about their new rainbow-coloured range of washable rugs and their essential organising tips. 

We quizzed Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin on how they would organise kitchen cupboards to maximise convenience. After all, it's no good owning a fancy coffee machine if you can't access it.

As ever-reliable organising professionals, The Home Edit shared tips with us that will change how you think about your appliance storage for good.

Whether you're stashing your best air fryer or trying to find a spot for your blender, the pair have shared their advice to help keep your countertops clear and clutter-free. 

The Home Edit share appliance storage tips

If you're in the midst of moving house, then why not take the opportunity to start afresh and plot out your renovations to suit your specific needs when it comes to storing your appliances?

'Pantries are a great place to store kitchen appliances out of sight and free up your kitchen cabinets and counters,' advises the duo.

White kitchen with blue cabinets

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And while there are so many excellent pantry ideas out there that can help you to maximise storage, The Home Edit always has this mantra in mind when they declutter professionally: how do I get my space to feel like me and be optimised? 

This line of thinking led the pair to say: 'Think about what plug sockets you’ll need so that you can use appliances in situ within your pantry space.'

It might sound simple, but there's no doubt it'll make such a difference when you're ready to use your new kitchen space daily.

kitchen with wooden cabinets

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If you don't have the space or budget to put all of the pantry ideas you have into practice, then there's no need to stress. There's plenty you can do to polish up your current set-up instead.

One of The Home Edit's signature tactics when re-envisioning a space is to tactically position certain items together to create efficiency. Of course, the same rule applies to all of your favourite kitchen gadgets.

The pair recommend 'grouping appliances by category and designating zones – baking, grilling, and so on.'

'We also recommend keeping your frequently used appliances easily accessible. We’d rather avoid the struggle of grabbing a crock pot from the top shelf whenever we can.'

Green kitchen with built-in pantry showing appliances.

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'Another tip to make your life easier is a bin system to keep all appliance accessories stored together to avoid missing parts.'

The Home Edit has long championed bin storage systems, opting to introduce clear containers into clients' homes to make it easier to find items at any given time. 

Sage coffee machine featuring on a coffee bar

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Their raison d'etre when it comes to deciding which appliances to store (or dump) in the first place is something we feel is essential to a more efficient space. What should you do if you haven’t used something in years, like a coffee grinder that's simply gathering dust?

'It’s time to let it go. Always remember: You get the item or you get the space, but you don’t get both.'

Especially when storing bulky buys, these are words to live by in order to have a clutter-free home.

The Home Edit on how to organise appliance manuals

It goes without saying that the main issue when storing appliances is the size of the units themselves. But another hidden problem is keeping track of the piles of manuals and recipe cards that build up too.

Unsurprisingly, The Home Edit is one step ahead. The duo have clear boundaries to keep all of those pesky documents categorised.

'You have two options here', according to pair, 'keeping physical copies or going digital.'

'Unlike with physical copies, a digital filing system, either on a hard drive or secure sites like Dropbox, allows you to pay little attention to space restrictions and get more specific with your categories.'

The Home Edit collaboration with The Home Edit in a kitchen

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And it's not just space you save by storing these documents digitally, you'll also be able to have easier access to your files when you need them. 

'All in all, the real game-changer of a digital system is being able to search for files by keywords, rather than wasting time rifling through paper. The way you name your files plays a large role in how easy they will be to find, so be consistent!'

Whilst we're all dreaming about the day that we can squeeze an appliance garage into our home, we feel that these practical tips from The Home Edit are words to live by if your current kitchen system is a little hectic. 

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