Take a look around this cheerful seaside flat

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  • The owner of this elegant Regency flat in Brighton had been saving up for a home since she was 18 years old. She had made several attempts to buy a property, but all fallen through. But when she walked into the top floor flat of this stunning building she felt like she belonged.

    ‘The flat is in the perfect location,’ says the owner. ‘Close to the train station and near the city centre but positioned on a quiet street.’

    As much as she loved the flat, the owner was faced with several weeks of getting the flat looking how she wanted. All the rooms needed to be repainted and, with such high ceilings, this was a time-consuming task! Luckily friends came to her rescue and the owner’s mother was also able to pass on ideas for creating room schemes to make the most of the spacious living room and bedroom.

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