Take a tour of this traditional English home with hints of the American South

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  • The owners enlisted the help of an an architect and an interior designer friend to transform this run-down south-west London house into a spacious family home for themselves and their three children. They extended into the basement, loft and side return to create a space where they could live, work and entertain comfortably.

    Once the building work was completed, the owners called on an interior designer who the father of the family had known all his life, since they had attended kindergarten together in their home town in Georgia, USA. ‘Initially we bounced ideas off her, then we asked her opinion on changes to the floor plan, and it evolved into taking on the project together,’ explains the mother of the family.

    The designer’s brief was to create a comfortable home, with equal consideration given to practicality and style. Aesthetically, the owners wanted a fairly traditional look, but were happy to include modern touches.

    ‘It was quite a rare scenario in that we all have roots in the American South, but have lived a good portion of our lives in London,’ says the designer. ‘In my work I try to be mindful of the historical sense of place, but I do love to find ways of telling the owners’ story through their surroundings and to incorporate reminders of their heritage and life’s journey.’

    Photographs of the owners’ wedding in South Carolina were a key inspiration for the decorative schemes. The butterfly print above the fireplace in the sitting room was bought from a shop near the hotel where the couple were married. Artwork plays an essential role in the décor, and much of it is by the artists who create the album covers for southern stalwarts the Dave Matthews Band.

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