Don't fall for this Black Friday Ninja Creami deal on Amazon – buy this better-value bundle instead

This Ninja Creami deal claims to be £100 off – but it's actually just the usual RRP. We've found a much better deal

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If you're looking for a cracking Black Friday Ninja Creami deal, then we absolutely don't blame you, as this might just be our favourite appliance of the year. After our Deputy Editor tried it and loved it, it's been the talk of the Ideal Home office, and increasingly difficult to find in stock too. 

And while we're always on the lookout since our Ninja Creami review for a deal to make this cult-ice cream maker cheaper, we feel obliged to warn you about the current price of this appliance on Amazon, which purports to be a great deal but is in fact just the product's normal RRP. 

Yep, even though it looks to be a fantastic Black Friday deal, with £100 off right now at Amazon, the price of the Ninja Creami is actually priced at £199.99 normally anyway.

There's no need to be disappointed though, as we've found an actually good deal on the Creami that's currently in stock. Not only is it a better deal (cheaper by £10 down to £189.99 at Ninja), but you also get three extra tubs thrown in for storing all of your delicious gelato. You can't say fairer than that...

Are there any Black Friday Ninja Creami deals?

Yep, and it's a great one! Shop the Ninja Creami Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Maker Bundle (which means you get two extra tubs!) for just £189.99 at Ninja. That's £10 less than the usual RRP of the Ninja Creami on its own. 

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As well as that, you can also currently either shop the standard Ninja Creami for £199.99 at Amazon or £199.00 at Very, but we don't really know why you would, when the bundle deal from Ninja is much better value.

Don't fall for the claim that the Creami is currently at a bargain price on Amazon – it's simply available at RRP, as you can see on the Ninja website.

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Those are all of your Black Friday Ninja Creami deal options for now. We're hoping the bundle deal stays in stock for the duration of Black Friday, so that everyone can shop it in time for Christmas.

We're also big fans of the Ninja Creami Breeze, which is a fantastic space-saving alternative. It's currently sold out on the Ninja website, but it enjoyed a huge £50 off recently. If your budget is capped at £150, then sign up for email alerts for that on the Ninja website too. 

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