'Bubble plates' are the cutest viral TikTok trend – here's where to find them

If you've never heard of them before, consider this your introduction...

Cornflower Ceramics bubble plates on a wooden table with a vase next to them
(Image credit: Etsy/Cornflower Ceramics)

Sometimes it feels like there's a new viral interiors trend every other week – whether it's inspired by designers, creators on TikTok, or an Instagram influencer.

And don't get us wrong, we absolutely love being inspired and excited by the home decor trends of 2023. But sometimes, it can all feel a bit overwhelming, especially if the viral trend or 'hack' involves DIY, and more than a few minutes work. We want to try everything!

Luckily, one of the latest home trends is something we can easily get on board with – the idea of using a chunky or 'bubble' ceramic plate. All you need to do to participate is pick one up (or a couple) for yourself!

The chunky/bubble plate trend

The ceramic 'bubble plate' trend was arguably started by influencer Matilda Djerf, a TikTok/Instagram influencer who covers everything from interiors to fashion and beauty.

She first posted a video of herself loading a salad onto a pink bubble plate – essentially, a huge plate with a thick, bubble-like rim – back in October, before sharing a video a similar video once more on 26th December.

The second video got over 657,000 views, with her fans sharing how much they loved the 'adorable' plates she was using. One said, 'The plates are so cute', while another agreed, asking 'Where are those plates from?!'


Eat whatever is left in the fridge kind of day 🫶

♬ September cover by Taylor Swift - Vinoj

The plates are actually designed by Gustaf Westman, a Swedish furniture and interior designer who has been creating unique and popular designs for years now.

It's not surprising that interior lovers are *obsessed* with Gustaf's creations. The adorable pieces are almost like eating your dinner off of a piece of art. In fact, some have opted to use their bubble plates as more decorative pieces instead, to show off their kitsch and colourful beauty properly.

And they're clearly only growing in popularity. Kitchen retailer Magnet revealed that searches for 'chunky plates' has gone up by a huge 337% over the past month – and searches for ‘bubble plates' has also increased by 103% in the same time period, suggesting that fellow interior fans are keen to channel the aesthetic trend themselves.

White bubble plate

Buy now: White bubble plate, from £32.39 at Etsy

(Image credit: Etsy / RubybyROO)

Explaining the accessory's rising popularity, Jen Nash, Design Excellence Manager at Magnet, said, 'We are seeing people get more experiential with their design, introducing more playful accessories and colours into their kitchens.

'Due to its personal finish, where you can find unique colours and shapes or even create your own, ceramic accessories in the kitchen are rapidly emerging as a key kitchen trend in 2023. They are statement pieces.'

Bubble mug and plate in cream

Buy now: WENSHUO Chubby Cute Couple Mug & Saucer, £29.89 at Amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

Gustaf's chunky plate retails aren't cheap retailing for €55 (around £48), and is normally available in a range of colours including pink, red and yellow – but sadly, they are currently sold out on his website.

However, if you're you are looking for something on a budget  can shop some pretty great dupes on Etsy. This WENSHUO Chubby Cute Couple Mug & Saucer at Amazon is also a great alternative for £29.89.

They'll definitely be the cutest addition to your kitchen in 2023!


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