Dualit’s launched a hot chocolate maker to rival the cult Velvetiser – and it's £30 less

The new Dualit hot chocolate maker gives the popular Velvetiser a run for its money – the lookalike design sells for £30 less

Cocoatiser Hot Chocolate Maker
(Image credit: Dualit)

There’s a new hot chocolate maker on the block - the Dualit Cocoatiser. And it’s just in time for Easter so that you can repurpose those chocolate egg leftovers (or any chocolate bar, powder or flakes for that matter) into a deliciously sweet and rich hot drink in just three minutes. But if it’s looking familiar, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy - the similarity to the cult Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is uncanny.

Ever since the Velvetiser’s release a few years ago, there have been many brands trying to recreate the much-loved hot chocolate maker. But none has come as close as the Dualit Cocoatiser. And it’s no coincidence as Dualit in fact provided the engineering for the famed Velvetiser.

But what’s the incentive for getting anything other than the Velvetiser? Well, the price, of course. With an RRP of £69.99, the Cocoatiser retails for £30 less or more compared to the Velvetiser, depending on where you shop. 

Cocoatiser Hot Chocolate Maker

(Image credit: Dualit)

Dualit Cocoatiser hot chocolate maker first look

The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser has had several dupes in the past, from the likes of Salter with its Chocolatier and Aldi’s hot chocolate maker, solidifying the Velvetiser as a long-term kitchen trend.

But now, the Dualit Cocoatiser is giving the Velvetiser a run for its money. With a lower price point, the just released hot chocolate maker is just as sleek as its predecessor and similarly comes in two metallic colourways - silvery chrome and copper.

'The Cocoatiser is like no other hot chocolate maker on the market,' says Natalie Harrison, head of ecommerce & marketing at Dualit. 'The patented accessories change the game by enabling you to turn your favourite chocolate bar (or leftover Easter eggs) into the perfect hot chocolate, without the limitation of using specific chocolate and at a more affordable price point compared to other frothers currently available on the market. It also features a small footprint but still has a large 250ml capacity, making it take up less counter space and still look beautiful with the striking sleek design in chrome or copper finish.'

And despite its recent launch last Friday 8th March, Ideal Home’s Ecommerce Editor, Molly Cleary has already managed to try it out.

'I tried the new Dualit hot chocolate maker at a recent press show, and loved the different array of colours that it's available in,’ Molly says. ‘The hot chocolate was delicious and I was struck by the small size of the mixer, which would make it great for slotting in next to your kettle on your worktop. My boyfriend is very partial to a hot chocolate at home, and while I use (and love) the Smeg Milk Frother for making mine, the one I tasted made with the Dualit tasted very similar. And the price point is fantastic!'

Cocoatiser Hot Chocolate Maker

(Image credit: Dualit)

And while the size of the two hot chocolate makers is pretty much the same, the capacity is different as the Velvetiser comes with only 200ml of space, while the Cocoatiser boasts 250ml of total capacity.

So if you’ve been on the fence over investing in the Velvetiser, the new Dualit Cocoatiser might be the perfect, more affordable alternative.

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