We asked 4 design experts to name the best kitchen cabinet paint colours - including the 'it' shade of the year

The 'in the know' kitchen colours you need to know about - straight from the source

Tom Howley kitchen with green and pink cabinets and a built-in wine fridge
(Image credit: House Nine x COAT)

Choosing a kitchen cupboard paint colour might be one of the biggest decisions you have to make for your home. It's no secret that a kitchen is a huge investment so the pressure to make the right choices is real.

Do you keep it neutral with a white kitchen that won't date? Or is it better to be brave with your kitchen colour scheme and go for an invigorating shade that will bring you daily joy? There is no right or wrong - just what works for you. But to aid the decision we've tapped into our little black book of kitchen experts to see which shades they're loving.

From trending tones to space-enhancing colour hacks, industry experts who design kitchens day in day out will know exactly what shades work in different spaces, even if you're dealing with a small kitchen.

The best kitchen cupboard paint shades - according to design experts

If you're looking for versatility in your kitchen, then a paintable style might just be for you. Many companies have now released paintable ranges that mean you can either paint it yourself or have it sprayed to update the colour over time - perfect for refreshing the look of your space without paying for an entire renovation.

While this offers so much flexibility, it does also mean you'll need to make a decision about which paint idea to go for. Picking the perfect shade is tricky but what's even harder is knowing where to go to buy the paint. In a high-traffic space it has to be long-lasting and finger-print resistant, especially if you have small sticky fingers roaming around.

These kitchen cupboard paint shades come highly-rated from our experts in the field who know what is required from paint in a cooking space. All that's left is to read up on how to paint kitchen cabinets.

1. Farrow & Ball 'Railings'

Davonport kitchen with black island and base units and white wall units

(Image credit: Davonport)

Farrow & Ball paint is a firm favourite on the Ideal Home team. Full of famed shades like Sulking Room Pink, it will be a real signifier to those 'in the know' that your kitchen is bang on trend.

As well as providing some of the most popular colours of the moment, the brand is steeped in heritage appeal so timeless shades, like Railings and Purbeck Stone will certainly go the distance.

Richard Davonport, founder of Davonport Kitchens, says 'I’m still in love with two Farrow & Ball colours; Railings and Purbeck Stone. I like them as stand-alone colours, but they also work great together, either on different height cabinets or using one of the shades on the kitchen island. They remain a timeless classic and won't date your kitchen like some trend-led colours can.'

2. House Nine x COAT 'Arctic Roll'

House Nine X COAT green and yellow country kitchen with peninsula island

(Image credit: House Nine x COAT)

Earthy tones have been a real hit in kitchens in recent years. Green tones, from sage to emerald, have acted as a 'new neutral' adding colour to your kitchen in a way that feels more accessible. It's homely and inviting but if you want to spruce it up even further, then adding a secondary shade will make it even more trend-led.

Butter yellow has quickly become the 'it' shade of 2024. Inspired by period properties and vintage palettes, pale yellow will be the perfect addition to a traditional kitchen idea, making a cooking area really feel like the heart of the home.

Paired with Next Tuesday, Jojo Barr, founder and creative lead at House Nine explains 'This is our most versatile green, perfect for light-filled spaces. It has a sense of fun and playfulness. If you think of that hazy green light when you step outside on an early summer morning, that’s what this paint shade is. It’s a fresh and light green that instantly brings you a sense of joy.'

3. Dulux Ink Well

Dulux black kitchen with olive green painted wall

(Image credit: Dulux)

'Kitchens are the heart of many homes, so it may be argued that the kitchen is the most used room in the house, so it’s important to spend a bit of time thinking about the colour choices,' explains Stephanie King, colour expert and creative lead at Dulux.

Choosing the right colour for your kitchen comes down to many things other than your personal preference. If you're dealing with a small space that is lacking in natural light then picking a colour to make your kitchen feel bigger might be what you need.

This doesn't mean you have to play it safe with light shades though - as Stephanie explains, 'For a bolder look, pairing a neutral colour with a contrasting, darker shade on your bottom cabinets such as Ink Well or Pine Needle to balance the look and encourage your eye to focus attention on the lower half of the room.'

4. Tom Howley 'Pink Dust'

Tom Howley kitchen with green and pink cabinets and a built-in wine fridge

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

Fancy a splash of colour, but still hesitant to commit to an entire island or run of cabinets?

Tom Howley, design director of the eponymous bespoke kitchen company says, 'Painting a single feature dresser, chimney breast, or selection of backboards in an elegant pastel can be a beautiful way to introduce colour, without overwhelming the space.'

To dip your toe into the pond of playful colours, go for a softer shade, like a pastel. Pink kitchens have become a popular choice, especially as a pop of colour against navy, and are no longer seen as a feminine choice.

“Our exclusive paint colour ‘Pink Dusk’ is not your usual juvenile, bubble-gum pink. It's incredibly soft, charming, and moody, and showcases how this feminine hue can be as versatile as you like,' explains Tom. 'It pairs beautifully with matt black hardware and soft neutrals, like wooden bar stools, for an elegant yet playful scheme.'

To get the look if you're repainting existing cabinetry, we love Middleton Pink from Farrow & Ball for a super sweet look.


Although you want a kitchen design to be enduring through changing trends, sometimes it's fun to go with what's fresh and new. Kitchen trends evolve from one another year after year, so you don't need to worry too much about it suddenly dating.

So which trending shade is set to be popular in 2024?

'Blue kitchen cabinet colours are a timeless trend and one that seems set to continue. While navy blues may be more of a popular choice, shades of brighter blues are also growing in popularity,' explains Anjelica Delfino, paint and interiors Expert at V&CO.

'Ocean-inspired blue, such as Blue Shade 3, works particularly well with timeless and traditional kitchen styles. Bold enough to liven up the colour scheme and introduce personality, yet adaptable to different furniture and appliance styles, the versatility of this colour makes it a perfect choice for your kitchen cabinets!'

Which paint shade will you be heading out to buy?

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