5 clever small appliance storage ideas guaranteed to keep your worktops clutter-free

Keep unsightly air fryers and crumb-filled toasters tucked away with these awe-inspiring storage ideas

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Whether you lack worktop space or you simply want to create a tidy and streamlined space, clever small appliance storage ideas are key to making a kitchen more practical.

Despite small appliances being considerably more petite than their larger companions, they can still be quite clunky, taking up too much space on a worktop when it could be better used for food prep. Kitchen storage ideas are an essential component of any functional cooking space, but aside from finding space for pots, pans and your weekly shop, your appliances will need a home too.

Whether it be one of the best air fryers that transformed weekday dinners or a highly coveted coffee machine that makes every morning more luxurious, you'll want to ensure that these go-to small appliances are still accessible. These innovative small appliance storage ideas will ensure that some are stored away for occasional use while others are conveniently kept nearby.

Small appliance storage ideas

There are two levels of small appliances; those you use every single day and those that are nice-to-have but not must-haves. Toasters, kettles and coffee machines are considered mainstays on our kitchen worktops due to their frequent use, but this doesn't mean they have to remain cluttering up a counter.

Meanwhile, other small appliances such as stand mixers and blenders might be considered essentials for your kitchen but you're unlikely to use them all the time. So, finding storage solutions that gives these oftentimes chunky gadgets a place to live will free up space for the more important cooking tools.

1. Opt for an appliance garage

An open butler's pantry in green with appliances

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Appliance garages are one of the biggest kitchen trends of 2024 as they create a functional hub that all of the family can make use of. Creating a pantry-esque design that houses all of your essential small appliances plus room for mugs and cereal will make breakfast time a breeze.

Not to mention appliance garages also look incredibly high-end. A Shaker-style pantry is high on almost every kitchen wishlist but using the chic design to also house small appliances combines style and function seamlessly.

'Just don’t forget to have plug sockets fitted at the back of the cupboard so you don’t have to lift them out each and every time,' suggests Richard Davonport, managing director at kitchen company Davonport.

2. Combine storage and seating

L-shaped kitchen bench seating with striped cushions and a picture window

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Creating space for small appliances is going to require you to get savvy with hidden storage features. If you don't have a utility room, then the next best thing is to double down on your seating with a bench that doubles as storage.

'Our new kitchen didn't have any wall cabinets, so we knew that we needed to be clever with other storage solutions to make sure we could keep the space clear and organised,' advises Ideal Home's Editor, Heather Young.

'We have an open-plan kitchen diner, and the dining space isn't huge, so we opted for built-in bench seating. Lift-up lids mean that the benches double as storage, which is where we stash all the small appliances that aren't used daily.'

'It's still easy to access but means I can keep the kitchen worktops as clear as possible, and our kitchen cabinets are free to store all our essential kitchen items like pans, crockery and food,' she adds.

3. Add deep drawers to a design

Magnet light grey kitchen with open drawer and storage

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When planning storage for small kitchen appliances, you'll need to also think about how easy it is to lift the items in and out. No one wants a bad back and if your appliance in question is particularly heavy, lifting it down from a high cupboard won't be a practical option.

Instead, deep drawers offer plenty of space for storing small appliances safely, with limited strain on your body. Plus, you can easily see what you have stored so no hand blenders will go missing at the back of cupboards.

'Deep drawers can also be fitted with dividers or custom inserts to keep appliances securely in place and prevent them from shifting when the drawer is opened or closed. This means the drawers stay super organised, too!' adds Jen Nash, head of design at Magnet.

4. Sort out corner storage

Shaker kitchen cupboards with brass handles and decorative floor tiles and metro tile splashback

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Pull-out corner storage is key for small appliances. In a kitchen layout where cupboards go around a corner (any layout other than single-wall), you end up losing valuable storage.

Luckily, clever pull-out mechanisms with a tiered design are now increasingly common so you can tuck a stand mixer into the corner without appliances being tricky to manoeuvre.

5. Include a pull-out platform

Schmidt coffee station with pull out platform

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One of the biggest considerations when it comes to storing small appliances in a kitchen is the weight of the items. Some appliances like kettles and toasters are much lighter so can be stored in a variety of spots, but when it comes to heavier stand mixers and air fryers you'll want to build in features like platforms to make moving them smoother.

Platforms come in different variations too. If it's situated below a worktop then including a rise and fall platform will bring an appliance up to the same level as your preparation area, making cooking simple. Alternatively, if you have a coffee station when you want to tuck a machine back into a cupboard then a platform that can be pulled-out will benefit a design.


How do you hide small appliances in a kitchen?

Regardless of whether you favour a super sleek modern kitchen idea or you prefer eclectic interiors, creating a clutter-free kitchen is always the aim.

You might not want to store appliances away in a manner that makes them tricky to use but instead hide them in plain sight.

'If you have specific requirements, a bespoke design can be crafted to accommodate your favourite appliances,' recommends Richard, managing director of Davonport kitchens. So, if you want to include nifty ways to hide appliances near a worktop so that they can be tucked away, it's always wise to consider this prior to purchasing your dream kitchen.

Cupboards that open upwards so that you can easily pull a toaster out when you need it will keep a kitchen super streamlined. Meanwhile, ensuring your cupboards have enough depth for small appliances in the planning process will allow you to keep them stored away instead of on a worktop.

The best kitchen designs consider functionality above everything else, as ultimately it has to make your everyday life simpler. However, we also believe that the most clever storage ideas look good too. These small appliance storage ideas balance both of these beliefs so that your kitchen design ticks every box.

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