Amazon's Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer deal might be over, but we've tested an alternative that's over £100 cheaper

Ninja's new star air fryer is sadly back at full price. Luckily we've found an excellent alternative

New Ninja Double Stack air fryer
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Ninja's new star product was on sale for a short period on Amazon, but we're sad to report it's back up to full price. The Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer deal on Amazon was a pretty good one, and offered a saving on latest innovation in the world of the best air fryers.

But all good things come to an end, and with the price back up to £269.99 at Amazon, we're happy to report that we've sourced an alternative which, like the Ninja Double Stack, sees cooking drawers stacked on top of each other rather than side by side, marking a move away from the best dual zone air fryers.

Our favourite alternative, the Daewoo Split Level Air Fryer, is now just £130.00, down from £149.99 on Amazon. We think that's a fantastic price if you're looking for a split-level model, as we detailed in our Daewoo Air Fryer review. Here's why you'll want to shop this great alternative deal before it inevitably sells out.

Amazon's Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer deal 

Ninja Double Stack XL Air Fryer | Was £252.04, now back at the full price of £269.00 at Amazon

Ninja Double Stack XL Air Fryer | Was £252.04, now back at the full price of £269.00 at Amazon
Ninja's newest air fryer, which has vertical drawers was on sale, but is now sadly back at full price.


Daewoo Split-Level Air Fryer | was £149.99, now £130.00 at Amazon
This alternative to the Ninja Double Stack was rated highly by our reviewer, who said that the 'stacked design is certainly a plus point if you don’t have the space for a side-by-side dual zone air fryer.'

What is the Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer?

With a 9.5 litre capacity in total, the Ninja Double Stack XL is both a space saver (thanks to its design) and still plenty big enough to cater to an entire family. It has six cooking functions all in all, as all of the best Ninja air fryers do, in order to replace multiple appliances in one go.

Ninja Double Stack air fryer

Getting a sneak peek of the new Ninja Double Stack at Ninja's conference.

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The most impressive thing I noticed about this air fryer when I watched the demonstration of it was that you can cook four different foods altogether thanks to the included cooking racks. Previously, you'd have to buy these sorts of air fryer accessories yourself additionally, so it's great that Ninja has integrated them in.

Even better, though the drawers are stacked, you can in fact fit a whole 1.5kg chicken in one of them for the quickest roast dinner you've ever made. Overall, Ninja claims this air fryer can cater to 8 people at a time.

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As with all of Ninja's innovations, the brand tends to set in motion new air fryer designs across the whole market. We've already tried another split level air fryer from another brand to see how it measured up, as detailed in our Daewoo 11L Space Saving Split Drawer Air Fryer review, and it's fair to say that we were pretty impressed.

So, if you fancy this Ninja version for yourself, we guess all that's left to do is measure up a space for it on your worktop.

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