Our editors swear by these 8 air fryer accessories – we couldn't be without them

These seriously change the game

Image of Instant Dual Zone air fryer on the countertop of a kitchen on a countertop
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Who here can safely say that they're still obsessed with their air fryer? I'm definitely one of them, given that I jumped on the hype a little later than everyone else. Along the way, I've picked up a tip or two to maximise even the best air fryer, from pick-ups that went viral on social media to little tidbits of knowledge supplied by the Ideal Home team.

Here are 8 air fryer accessories we couldn't be without; perhaps neither should you.

Image of Instant Dual Zone air fryer on the countertop of a kitchen on a countertop

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8 air fryer accessories we couldn't be without

1. Spray bottle

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Our Ecommerce Editor, Molly Cleary, swears by the use of a spray bottle as an air fryer cooking essential to get the oil exactly where you need it to go in the basket with no fuss or mess. She recommends this one from Amazon.

On this note, if you were after the spray bottle feel but would rather go without refilling it yourself, our Assistant Editor, Thea Babington-Stitt also swears by the FryLight cooking sprays.

'I put the rapeseed oil spray on basically everything and the coconut oil spray when I want an extra burst of flavour.'

2. Air fryer conversion chart

If you're looking to streamline your air fryer experience and spare yourself the time spent on Google searching for cooking times, we think an air fryer conversion chart is the way to go.

With countless 5-star reviews from fans on the likes of Amazon, Etsy and eBay, air fryer conversion charts like these curved sticker charts are all the talk of the air fryer world. Not only do they elevate convenience, but also look pretty stylish paired with a Ninja dual-zone air fryer.

Conversion chart sticker on the side of Ninja dual zone air fryer

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3. Air fryer liners

This one may be a tad controversial, as we've received mixed reviews about them. 

My family tend to lean towards the use of paper air fryer liners purely just to ease the cleaning aftermath (which I follow in my household as an unwritten rule, therefore is deemed essential in my home) but with how easy it is to clean an air fryer, you could just do without it.

Consider trying some out, like these paper air fryer liners from Amazon, so you can decide for yourself whether they're necessary for you.

air fryer cooking chips on countertop

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4. Meat thermometer

A meat thermometer is always a good essential to have, not only to ensure that you haven't undercooked the meat but also to avoid overcooking. Ginevra Benedetti, Ideal Home's Deputy Print Editor recommends having one handy.

She recommends this one from Amazon as it could work great during BBQs in the summertime, but if you're on a tighter budget, then we think this one also from Amazon looks to get the job done too.

Tower Vortx 9 Litre Duo Capacity Basket Air Fryer with Smart Finish cooking on countertop

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5. Bar cart

If you did your kitchen layout planning prior to accommodating an air fryer, then you may be slightly low on countertop real estate, especially if you've opted for one of the best dual-zone air fryers that typically are always larger in capacity.

If you're short on space, our Ecommerce Editor, Amy Lockwood suggests displaying your air fryer on a bar cart when it's not in use to better optimise even a small kitchen layout. She recommends having a look at Wayfair's range of serving carts and drinks trolleys.

6. Heat resistant mat

If you've invested in your kitchen worktop, then the last thing you want is to ruin them. Our Deputy Digital Editor, Rebecca Knight, commented on how hot the tiles behind her air fryer became one evening, to which she considered the use of a heat-resistant mat.

These heat-resistant mats are priced at £13.99 on Amazon and can also double up to pair with any other kitchen appliance you have sprawled on your worktop to easily shift and organise a small kitchen.

cooking with air fryer on countertop

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7. Air fryer shelf

Running low on space inside your air fryer? Even the largest capacity models can sometimes run you short on cooking space unless you're using a dual-zone air fryer. You can easily double up on space by investing in an air fryer shelf on Amazon. Our own Deputy Digital Editor, Rebecca Knight has had her eyes on one for a while and finally made the purchase.

air fryer removable inserts on countertop

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8. Silicone tongs

Silicone tongs are one of my must-haves for my air fryer. The number of times I've picked up hot food and just burnt my fingers is honestly too many to count, so nabbing a pair of tongs on Amazon for £5.99 was a lifesaver for me.

black air fryer drawer with chips inside and tongs placing chips on white plate

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And there you have it, 8 air fryer accessories that we at Ideal Home seriously swear by. From streamlining cooking, cleaning, and optimising space – which one was your favourite out of this round-up?

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