Aldi unveils new lighting to rival John Lewis – and it costs less than half the price

Can you spot the difference between the high-end lights and their supermarket lookalikes?

Aldi is at it again. Following on from its Jo Malone-esque candles and coastal furniture 'inspired by' The White Company, it's about to launch a new copycat collection based on John Lewis lighting.

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The deLIGHTful – sorry – new range of Aldi Specialbuys will be on sale in stores and online from 17th September.

From polished pendants to geometric floor lamps, there's a design to brighten up any style of interior, and you can save yourself a whole heap of cash in the process. One lookalike costs an incredible £760 less than its designer counterpart – that's a saving of 96 per cent.

So can you guess which ones are from Aldi?

The perfect kitchen pendant

Aldi-float-pendant / John-Lewis-Bolu-lighting

(Image credit: TBC)

Either of these designs would look stunning in a kitchen. We'd ideally hang three in a row above an island or table to make an elegant statement. And it just so happens that the Aldi version (left) costs around a third of the price of the John Lewis Bolu shade.

Coming soon: Floating Ceiling Pendant, £34.99, Aldi

Buy now: Bolu Pendant Shade, £95, John Lewis

The on-point floor lamp

Aldi-Geometric-floor-lamp / John-Lewis-Albus-lighting

(Image credit: TBC)

There's very little to choose between these Scandi-style geometric floor lamps – until you get to the price, that is. The Aldi version (left) is a whopping £80 cheaper.

Coming soon: Geometric Metal Floor Lamp, £49.99, Aldi

Buy now: Albus Floor Lamp, £130, John Lewis

The sophisticated shade

Aldi-float-pendant / John-Lewis-Stout-lighting

(Image credit: TBC)

Hold on to your hats, peeps. The Aldi pendant (left) is 96 per cent less than the Tom Dixon light, right. There's no doubting that the latter has the edge, design-wise, with its golden interior and sculptural shape, but a £760 saving is not to be sniffed at!

Coming soon: Floating Ceiling Pendant, £34.99, Aldi

Buy now: Tom Dixon Stout Beat Pendant Light, £795, John Lewis

The industrial table lamp

Aldi-wire-table-lamp / John-Lewis-table-lamp

(Image credit: TBC)

Did you manage to get hold of Aldi's £20 sell-out marble-and-copper table lamp, which came out in December last year? If not, you might like this equally stylish and even cheaper alternative (left).

Coming Soon: Wire Table Lamp, £16.99, Aldi

Buy now: Jake Touch Lamp, £40, John Lewis

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The versatile ceiling light

Aldi-float-pendant / John-Lewis-lighting

(Image credit: TBC)

Last but not least we have a skinnier version of the Float pendant (left), which is a dead ringer for the Danish-designed light, right. Again, it's a smart choice for a kitchen – we love its chic brushed finish.

Coming soon: Float Ceiling Pendant, £34.99, Aldi

Buy now: Nordlux Float Ceiling Light, £79, John Lewis

So make a note in your diaries – the Aldi Specialbuys Autumn Lighting range will hit stores nationwide from 17th September. You can also pick up these pieces on the Aldi website.

And, as always, they will only be available while stocks last, so you'll need to be LIGHTning fast to grab your favourite pieces... *hangs head in pun shame*.

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